Yocto had been obsessed with studying primordial dragons ever since he discovered the book about them in the mining cave. To track the clues of their existence, he had formed a cult that worshipped the primordial dragons. With the help of the followers, Yocto sneaked into the Great Enchanter Seminar and found Tawil, a young genius sorceress who was also chasing after the creatures. The two of them exchanged their information and headed to primordial dragon ruins recorded in the ancient bibliography.

        Yet Yocto were disappointed, for there were only a few broken walls at the location. It didn’t look like a place where it held the secrets of primordial dragons.

        “This is our last hope...I can’t just give up on it,” Yocto thought as he refused to accept the failure, and he turned to Tawil, “stay here. I’m going in.”

        Tawil nodded in trance, who had been in this state since they had set foot in the ruins, giving no hoot about Yocto. Yet her behavior didn’t concern him, for their relationship was merely based on the same passion about the primordial dragons. He wasn’t interested in Tawil at all.

        Entering the ruins, Yocto did a thorough investigation ; And again he was disappointed by the findings: nothing but few magic circles and some irrelevant notes.

        “Huh?” Suddenly, Yocto’s attention was drawn to a fading light outside. The light had some unspoken attractiveness to Yocto.

        Walking towards the light, Yocto came to a darkened dead tree, where the light shone from its hollow. Yocto reached inside and found a hard object, which was very heavy as he picked it up.

        It was an unorthodox container. Several geometric metal rings stacked together, hooking to an hourglass-shaped bottle. Inside which, a dark purple ellipse object was floating in the middle.

        “Is this...a piece of scale? It’s weak but I can still sense some kind of power radiating from it… Let’s get it out first.” Yocto took out a tool to crack the bottle, but there was not even a scratch no matter how hard he smashed it.

        “There is carving on the bottle…” Yocto felt some roughness while he was holding the bottle, so he turned it around to inspect. “This is a magic circle!”

        Yocto found a complex magic circle carved on the bottle, which was a kind of seal magic he had read on the ancient bibliography.

        “Could it be a primordial dragon’s scale…” Yocto was thrilled, for this was the closest experience with the primordial dragons. Before this, all he had were on paper.

        “So this is the magic that sealed the scale...No big deal. It can be cracked by elemental power.” Putting the bottle on the ground, Yocto raised his wand and chanted a spell. When dark element was conjured on the tip, Yocto wielded it at the magic circle on the bottle.

        Clack! A sharp noise exploded at the moment when element touched the magic circle, sounding prominent in the deserted ruins.

        “The magic is resisting me...Humph! No one can stop me from chasing the primordial dragons!” Sweating all over himself, Yocto released a huge amount of magical power, which was ten times greater than a common wizard. Still the seal remained intact. Instead of giving up, he conjured his power to try one more time——

        Cling! Yocto caught this tiny, almost unnoticeable cracking sound, and a smile appeared on his pale face. “Did it finally...what!”

        Yocto stopped cracking the seal, for he was captured by the dark mist leaked out of the bottle. The mist ripped his right arm off, and his blood splashed massively on the ground, leaving a terrifying stain.

        “AHH——AHHH——!” A horrible scream sounded from Yocto who got torn apart, but it was merely a prelude. The mist was still consuming him.

        First the right arm, then the left arm, left leg, right leg, and at last the whole torso of Yocto was consumed, fusing with the mist.

        “Destroy...Eradicate…” A message was stuffed to Yocto’s mind. An unspoken yet overwhelming fear drowned his soul and corrupted his consciousness.

        “Yocto!” A girl’s yell recalled the remaining consciousness of Yocto. Opening his unconsumed right eye, Yocto saw the nervous Tawil; Next moment, his sight was blocked by a shadow——his right arm which fused with the dark mist.

        Ignoring Yocto’s will, the right arm acted autonomously and attacked Tawil; A golden barrier protected her.

        “That’s his——” While Tawil was conjuring the power to go against the mist, she glimpsed the bottle that contained the scale. She retreated the barrier to rush towards the bottle; Meanwhile the mist chased after her, controlling Yocto to attack her.

        Despite the close threat, Tawil never ceased running until she got the bottle.

        “Return to where you belong!” Tawil raised the bottle at Yocto.

        A golden light erupted; In the meantime, a soothing light sphere slipped from the magic circle, wrapping Yocto up. After sucking out the dark mist inside him, the sphere returned to the bottle; The cracked magic circle repaired itself, returning the original state.

        The wild went silent again. Everything was calmed except Yocto. Looking at his intact body, there was a moment when he thought the ripping was just his illusion; His thought was proven wrong once he found pale marks on his joints.

        “Tawil, that piece of scale belongs to the primordial’s——”

        “Yocto, stop. It’s not the power that humans can control. Leave it at where you found it,” Tawil interrupted Yocto, talking in an absolute tone.

        “...Alright,” said Yocto, who showed a spooky gaze.

        Tawil then put the bottle back into the tree hollow. “Let’s go,” said Tawil, carrying the immobilized Yocto.

        “The mighty primordial dragons, I will be back. I will,” Yocto sworn to himself.

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