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        In the Dark Cove, Loki crowned himself king. He kept absorbing power with the intention of retaining his will, but what he actually retained was his insanity. Later, when Saruman led the creatures in the Cove to initiate a rebellion, the furious Loki expelled them away from the Cove. Since the battle has consumed much of his strength, Loki was left weakened, allowing the roused godly power to engulf his soul. He used his last bit of power to recreate Baphomet’s body before he was fully overwhelmed. Then, the elements showed him a vision, to serve as some comfort to his insane soul. In the vision created by the elements, Loki had a different life...

        Idun, Loki the scholar and his wife Angrboda traveled around together to study the mysterious power in this world. But during the journey, Angrboda was cursed by Demons. Loki journeyed to many places in search of a cure, but all was in vain. His wife was pregnant by that time, and she later gave birth to a daughter, whom also suffered from the curse. Because of the curse, Angrboda grew increasingly insane, hurting both herself and those around her. At last, Loki disregarded his pain and grief, choosing to kill his wife. He believed that the soul of his wife would protect him and their daughter Hel, so he started to delving into necromantic magic, and even started examining the use of demonic power. For the sake of living, Loki was forced to become a sinister wizard. He used his magic to cure his cursed daughter, turning her into the undying queen of the dead.

        In a dim ceremonial chamber, Loki was mounting a magic stone on the skull of a demonic creature. Beside him, Hel was sitting still on a velvet chair, with her long straight hair and sleeves draping over the bones on the floor. Then, a knock on the door sounded, and a woman in robe appeared and bowed to Loki. “Master, the Demons used Nidhogg to defeat the army of the Northern Alliance. Tyr, Völsung and Harald... The Alliance has lost a few great generals, and even Sigurd has been injured.”

        “Nice one, Astaroth! Hel, see, daddy was right?” Hel didn’t say a word. Loki asked the woman, “have you got any of their corpses?”

        “I am sorry, master... The valkyries were at the front line the whole time. We could not get close enough to steal a corpse...”

        Listening to her stammering words, Loki still focused on his work in hand, and asked as if nothing unusual was happening, “tell me about the movements of the two armies”

        “The Demons are gradually pushing forward, while the Alliance is retreating.”

        “Tell the Alliance that the Demons are controlling Nidhogg with the Ancient Wood of Resentment. If necessary, help them to destroy it. But be careful; keep away from Mimir and his wenches. If you really cannot get closer to the corpses, at least bring me the blood of the dead”

        “Yes, master...”

        Then, Hel lifted her arm. The bones and skulls of demonic beasts levitated from the ground, and combined into a skeletal dicephalous serpent that flew out from her extended sleeves. Staring right at the woman, the creature flashed its pointed teeth, as if breathing a palpable cloud of malice at her face.

        The creature then said, with the voice of a little girl, “if this happens again, miss, I’m going to devour you!”

        “Sigyn, don’t disappoint us.”

        The battles in the North provided countless corpses and souls of the deceased for Loki and his daughter to establish a dark shadowy force. In the chaos of war, he benefitted from both sides and his ways continued until his soul became fully depraved resulting in its engulfment by uncontrollable dark magic...

        ‘Ah yes? After all, I will still lose everything I cherish... But at least, everything has ended. I don’t expect to have a warm place to rest. I just want to rest in peace. It doesn’t matter whether it is in the underworld, the void, or the elements...’