17.3 Primal Deities Story Ch. 14

        Somewhere in the Heavenly Kingdom, there was an evergreen rock floating in the air; a cage made of plant roots was built on it, keeping a little azure beast inside. At the moment, it was napping with its eyes half-closed.

        The earflaps of the little beast flickered suddenly; then it stood up and looked upfront. As it got excited, its weary eyes became lively. “Here she is! Here she is! Here she is!” The little beast shouted enthusiastically inside.

        Just as it expected, a graceful figure approached. It revealed to be Nüwa, a gorgeous little girl. She put on a smile as soon as she saw the azure beast.

        “Gonggong, you’re looking good today.” Nüwa then took some snacks out of her basket to feed Gonggong. It feasted after giving a sniff.

        Nüwa decided to leave it be as he was having a great appetite. Sitting on an adjacent rock, Nüwa started shaping a piece of clay while humming a song.

        “This song, me likey. Like her.” Completely captivated, Gonggong stopped to listen Nüwa’s song. Seeing the frozen Gonggong, Nüwa smiled and asked, “do you like this song too?”

        Gonggong nodded with the crumbles on its face, making Nüwa giggle. The laughter soon stopped as she was distracted by a flicker of confusion. “I love it too, but I can’t remember who taught me…”

        Nüwa took a clay buddy out of her basket; it was a boy without a face.

        “I feel the same about this boy too. I made it purely by instinct, but I just can’t recall his face,” said Nüwa, stroking the clay buddy gently.

        There was an unmatching solitude on the baby face of Nüwa; “Gonggong, I always have the feeling of losing something important...Where’s this feeling coming from?” Nüwa spoke with melancholy.

        “She’s in pain…I can feel her...It aches me…” Gonggong felt a nerve-wrecking pain when he saw the griefing Nüwa. It approached her and licked her hand softly, hoping to brighten her up a little bit.

        “Thank you, Gonggong.” Nüwa wore that Gonggong’s favorite smile again in order to settle its concern.

        As time went by, Gonggong had grown in size, so did its power. It could feel more and more anxiety and irritation piling up.

        Nüwa’s visit was Gonggong’s only way out, the only solution to ease its irritation; but she had been visiting less frequently in recent days.

        “Will...will she stop coming by…”

        “Boohoo…” Gonggong was weeping because of negativity. A sharp pain suddenly penetrated through its mind; then it experienced a crushing pain all over its body.

        “It’s her…She’s crying...Why is she crying heart-brokenly?...I gotta save her!”

        Gonggong endured the pain and bashed into the cage. The seal bounced it back, but it didn’t give up; after hitting repeatedly, the fragile seal was cracked into pieces eventually. The moment when the seal collapsed, the plant roots withered instantly.

        It was the first time for Gonggong stepping out of the cage, yet it didn’t feel relieved about it. Anxiety was filling up Gonggong’s heart because of Nüwa’s despair.

        “Nüwa...Nüwa...Where are you?” Gonggong spontaneously conjured its power, wrapping itself up with an enormous amount of water element. Both the physical size and the energy flowing within were escalating.

        Yet its consciousness was unable to hold such a drastic amount of energy; after experiencing an indescribable torture, this was the only thing remained within Gonggong——

        “I’m gonna exterminate this world that hurts you!”

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