Carrie could gradually feel the power and instructions of the astralists from the Court of Aquarius, giving her power so that she could become the symbol of Aquarius after a glorious duel. By coincidence a famous young martialist, who happened to be Carrie’s fellow tribesman, came to the mountains. Everyone was looking forward to a duel as they believed that the martialist was here aiming at the title of the Court of Aquarius. After hearing the name of her homeland, Carrie recalled her past and was eager for the arrival of the swordsman.

        At dusk, a martialist dressed in green appeared at the burning horizon. Though being scared by the horns on his head, Carrie still managed to recognize her much treasured friend in her childhood. When the martialist met Carrie’s gaze, he made a warrior’s gesture as if they were strangers. Carrie was about to chide him, but she finally decided to remain silent as a protest. “If you haven’t become a martialist stronger than I do, I will never forgive you - ”

        She adopted a defensive posture, trying to ignore her vigorous heartbeat. The martialist began to attack and Carrie skillfully defended herself. As Carrie saw the excitement of her opponent, she realized that her friend had already forgotten her. Biting her lips, she started to fight back. The stone blades Carrie waved so forcibly knocked him away. As he landed, he exerted all his efforts to jump up with a sharp kick. Meanwhile, Carrie also thrust both her sickles at her full strength. When their attacks collided. Carrie’s stone sickles were shattered into ashes by the powerful impact, while the young martialist was also struck down the dark cliff.

        All the other martialists cheered for Carrie, yet she burst into tears with mixed feelings in her heart. In that split second, the bones of her hand and the her sickles had together fragmented. Her best friend defeated her. Not only did he keep his promise, but he also worked much harder than she did to refine his skills......

        The power of the astralists healed Carrie’s arms for her, but the tingling sensation started stinging her heart instead. She allowed the power of the Court of Aquarius to surround her. In the meanwhile, the debris of the sickles was rebuilt into a ring of blade by the power of Aquarius. Stepping on the blade engraved with the carving of waves, Carrie flew to the stars of Aquarius, and was determined to fight in order to become an invincible warrior.

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