As if she had to follow her brother’s footsteps, Poppy always stayed in the front line whenever the army confronted the enemies.

        “I’m just being as brave as he was.” Poppy told the warrior who lashed out at her, and the latter could not help shaking his head upon her reply.

        “Being brave doesn’t mean charging recklessly.”

        “Isn’t this what you’ve been doing?” As the warrior pinched Poppy's cheeks, she clanged his horns with the Shield of Aries.

        Poppy had been guarding heaven together with the other Courts of Zodiacs, while protecting Human from the wars. She lived up to the name of Aries by protecting the others with her shield, but death and partings often upset Poppy. In a retreat, the countless deaths of the Gods finally crushed her. She sobbed as she ran into the Court of Aries in search of answers. The astralists opened her the gate of the inner court which had been sealed for long. Behind the gate was a great hall, decorated by numerous piles of Shields of Aries on the walls. She saw drifting souls merging into the shields, forming a deathless protection. As her brother’s soul came to her, Poppy could hear the voice from her memory in her mind, ‘To be strong, you must hold this shield firmly and never let go. Do you understand?’ The soul embraced her, in the way she held his body in her arms in the past.

        Since then, Poppy had been manipulating the flames of the underworld, in the will of kindness and honesty to protect the weak. She only brandished her sword when she had something to protect. Whenever she received an order, Poppy would set out to the battlefield excitedly, that the little warrior would always arrive with the fuzz of dangling hair. With her golden eyes gazing at the front, Poppy always protected the others with her shield and warded off her enemies with fierce flames. She swore an oath to the souls of her brother and all warriors when she succeeded as the Court of Aries under the witness of the astralists, that she would protect the three realms in the name of Aries forever.

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