John, who was badly injured, stayed away from his brigade after he had been sent on a deadly mission for his great merits that made his superiors uneasy. Severely injured, John slipped into unconsciousness in front of the altar of Cancer. The astralist of Cancer was awakened from a long, deep sleep by the scent of blood. It surrounded John with the power of the constellations. As the blood of the Demon general corroded John’s mind and body, strange claws and horns started to grow on him. But with the help of the Court of Cancer, John wrested control of his own body from the impulse to kill implanted by the demonic blood and evaded the army in pursuit. He told the assassin the truth but she did not believe what he said.

        John could not just leave everything behind him, so he returned to the familiar shadows where he found safe to spy on his former brigade. He found the soldiers of the Gods in complete disarray, with the commanders leading the troops which could barely fight against the Demons in a ferocious battle. John infiltrated his own brigade and also that of the enemies. With the mystic power of constellations in hand, he controlled the giant claws as if they were his own limbs. John assassinated the commanders of both brigades of the Gods and Demons. Since then, John had been leading a life of hermit in the Court of Cancer and had inherited the title. When foolish commanders forfeited the lives of their soldiers, the Court of Cancer would submerge into the shadows and slice through their heads with his giant claws.

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