‘The warrior recognized by the stars is on the mountain!’ It took Domon half a day to climb up the mountain. The martialists practising in the Court of Zodiac had been arrayed, leaving an area for the battle between Domon and the his opponent. Among the crowd, a girl with blue hair was staring straight into his eyes. Domon could hear her heartbeat. He then bowed to her in warriors’ style; the girl picked up her stone sickles up without adopting any posture. She opened her mouth and took a deep breath as she guard her body with the wavy blades in hand.

        Domon started the fight by leaping forward and giving a sweeping kick, which the girl gently eluded. Among their violent of attacks and defense, the girl successfully trapped Domon in the encirclement of her stone machete with her perpetual movements. Domon was aware that he had been trapped in a corral, yet he was still confident about defeating his opponent. However, at the very critical moment when they were fighting at close quarters, a gleam of tears in the girl’s eyes stunned Truman, distracting him from evading her attack. All he could do was slightly moving his head away, yet her sickle struck so heavily on his horn that he jolted backwards.

        Though his memories about a certain event was about to flash back, the pain made Domon to ignore it. He decided to bring it to a conclusion. Propelling the power of Capricorn within him, Domon leapt to the skyful of stars and exerted all he had got to a single kick, on the other hand the girl also devoted her greatest effort to deliver a powerful strike with her sickles. At the moment his leg knocked against the sickle, Domon saw the sickle cracked as he was spring off the cliff.

        Domon yelled, “I haven’t lost yet! I must - ”

         - He must keep the promise.

        All of a sudden, Domon realized that the girl right in front of him was the misty shadow in his mind he had always been looking for. When he reached the bottom of the cliff where he was surrounded by countless slates, the stars of Capricorn lit up pages of records for him. Domon learnt everything from the inscriptions, with a feeling he never had arousing in him. He suddenly looked up to the sky only to find the girl being taken away by the astralists. Blessed by the Court of Capricorn, Domon rushed to the sky, chasing after the girl he had been looking for.

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