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        Pollux had won one battle after another. He had brought countless victories to the Gods and they praised him for his strength and humbleness. However, Pollux knew too well that the glory he gained not only belonged to himself, but also to “him”, who resided inside his body.

        The Gods sent Pollux to fight the Demons. On the battlefield, the “two” made a formidable combination and defeated every single enemy, except an unjust soldier, who parried Pollux's fierce strikes by waving his long halberd. It was the first time that Pollux was stuck fighting someone on the battlefield. His attack was futile against the unjust soldier, but he was taking more and more damages.

        On the verge of dying, in order to defeat his opponent, Pollux offered one of his eyes as a sacrifice, awakening the other soul which resided within his body using a forbidden spell. At the moment when “he” was released, their minds were connected. Pollux finally knew that “he” was his twin brother who had died before birth, Castor. That was the reason why his soul resided in Pollux’s body. Castor transformed his souls into two arms, so that he could hold the two swords with his brother. Together, they barely defeated the unjust soldier.

        As Castor finally revealed himself in front of them, the Gods were shocked. They finally understood why Pollux was so powerful. Since then, the Gods granted them the title of Gemini. Residing within the constellation, the two watched over and terrified the Demons, so that they dared not do whatever they wanted to.

         “The meaning of us born twins lies in the connection between us!” - Pollux to his twin brother, Castor