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        Galio was wandering in the cove, where inside was as dark as ink that all lights were engulfed. Galio could not find his way out, so he reflected on his arrogance while fighting the evil creatures in the cove, in the hope that he could leave the cove someday by refining his skills of fighting in this way.

        Galio came across with his biggest challenge when a lion emerged. Its body was tough as iron, while its claws were sharp as blades. Galio’s broadsword was taken away long ago so he could only battle the lion with bare hands. The lion was so agile that Galio could hardly overtake but only defended the attacks with his armor, yet his face was exposed to scratches. When the lion lashed out its claws frenziedly at him, Galio seized the chance to grab its mane and put it in a headlock as he flipped, choking it into defeat.

        After Galio had slayed the lion, the Gods praised him for his bravery and took him out of the cove. However, Galio needed to make up for failing his duty and putting heaven in danger. The Gods brought him to the astralists for guidance, and he would protect heaven as one of the Court of Zodiacs forever to atone for his mistakes.

        Once again, Galio picked up his broadsword. He skinned the lion he had defeated in the cove and made a cape with it, as a reminder of his days of banishment for his misstep. He then renamed his Court the Court of Leo. Galio would not allow himself to be arrogant and carelss ever again. The skills he had acquired in the cove complemented his talent for defense he had been gifted well. Since then, Galio became a formidable force of heaven.

        “My bravery shall live in the arms of calmness.” - Galio, who was swinging his broadsword.