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        In Luna’s bright eyes, war was different from what ordinary people perceived it to be. “If war is put on the scales, on which one side of it represents the righteousness of protecting and the other the evil of slaughtering, the weights are representing the amount of bloodshed, the scales would be balanced. The sacrifice is equal, so neither of the two sides is absolutely just in their actions.”

        Luna witnessed the three races engulfed by their own beliefs - all of them understood they could not win, but they kept throwing their lives, and even their souls, into the war. The line between justice and evil were no longer clear. Demons would sacrifice for their companions; Gods would sell their allies out. They were all acting according to their own ideals. The chaos of ideals had gradually diffused from the minds of the leaders to the whole battlefield - equality and justice no longer existed in the world.

        Seeing all the happenings, Luna forfeited her status as a Saintly Knight of the Holy Temple. She answered to no one but justice itself. Luna protected the kind and guided the wise to see the truth. She always looked up the stars, searching light spots that could be linked together in a line. She imagined every line as a sword. “War brings about chaos, but the swords are linking up people.” she tried to explain it this way, but no one could understand her. “When you use your swords to hurt each other, no matter it’s as a merciful warning or a punishment of rage, the pain would create a connection between the two of you. Every wound is a record of life and death, and it turns blood and pain into memories... This is the only thing that is always just and fair.”

        No one could understand Luna, except the astralist of Libra, who invited her to succeed the Court of Libra. Since then, Luna’s presence meant judgement of justice. Just like a perfect pair of scales, she could always balance everything and make decisions with impartiality, bringing about righteousness upon the world with her sword of wisdom.