As Cateua were attacking indifferently on the battlefield and Ravniss ran away from the battlefield without any permissions, everyone regarded them as traitors. Since then, the two never showed up again. Everyone further concluded that they fled to evade justice.

        Cateua and Ravniss arrived at the Court of Pisces under the guidance of water elements. Exhausted, Ravniss could no longer control her sister’s power. The two went out of control again. As a result, the Court of Pisces froze them inside Glacial Iceberg.

        When the two were unfrozen, it was years later. Eyes opened, the two could sense the power that Pisces had left. The feeling is familiar. It was the power surrounding them when they were born... As the fish-shaped marks swam beside them, the two held the hands of each other and vowed that they would never be apart. The water next to them solidified into a trident and a sword while the power of Pisces flow into them - they were recognized by the Court of Pisces.

        Hand in hand, the sisters appeared again in front of people. Their war comrades from the old days looked upon them in an hostile way. Survivors remembered the tragedies they suffered and engraved the grievance in their hearts, which were so bitter that not even Gods could alleviate the pain. Cateua and Ravniss did not speak a word. The water elements surrounding them solidate into their weapons. Together, they swung their weapons and vented their common guilt on the Demons.

        The two no longer express any of their emotions in front of other people. The only way to tell the differences in their characters was to observe the way they fought. Cateua’s attacks were outrageous and fierce. The brutality of water elements eliminated every chance of survival for demons; Ravniss’s swordsplay was light and refined. The tenderness of water elements got Demons drunk forever.

“Same power, different characters. Though instability is hidden in the power, it’s strong.” - the goddess, when the twins were born.

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