Hertz had been focusing on deciphering the mysteries of the ancient civilizations. However, the Demons disturbed his seclusion and destroyed all the mechanical devices he had rebuilt. Therefore, Hertz participated in the war once again with anger.

        Hertz armed himself with the simulated limbs of the ancient beasts and made a giant double-stringed bow with the lost technologies. He roamed the battlefield like a gust of wind, that no devils could survive his retribution as savage as flames. But the Gods isolated him on several occasions as they felt threatened by his power, and they even planned to annihilate him with the hands of the Demons. As a result, Hertz often found himself in vicious situations which could have cost his life.

        Hertz returned with his wounded body from his victories. The Gods felt they owed him something and finally recognized his contributions in the war as well as his craft. They accepted him as one of their own, but Hertz would not like to deal with the Gods. The Gods could only build him a Court in recognition of his contributions. The Court was then named after Hertz’s appearance on the battlefield, which he wore his four-legged device, as the Court of Sagittarius.

        Later, although Hertz had moved into the Court, he spent most of his his time wandering and seldom comply with the requests of the Gods. While refining his craftsmanship, Hertz also drove away those Demons who had trampled Divine Woodland before from heaven as well as the realm of men, in order to protect the ancient knowledge that he held so dear.

        “When they ask for my help, I refuse to answer; when they form a line of defense, I shall turn a blind eye to them; when they try to stop me, the fire of my endless rage will be there for them.”

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