Alma was always certain about herself. She killed numerous warriors with her scorpion tail and she rejoiced over her victory every time she saw the warriors controlled by the Demons bore the brunt. The blade of the executor never ceased to kill. Alma learned the conspiracy behind only after her deadly blow was fended off by a warrior, who also possessed beast claws given birth by the demonic blood. The warrior revealed that the general was not only purging the Demons, but also ousting those who had regarded as dissidents. Alma did not believe in his words, yet the warrior dodged the attack of her scorpion tail, knocking her down with his giant claws and disappeared in the shadows.

        Alma reported to the Gods about what she had seen and asked about what the warrior said. However, the general suddenly attacked her, claiming that she had been fallen into hands of the Demons. Though Alma managed to execute him after, but her scorpion tail was snapped off, leaving her on the verge of death. Without knowing the truth, the Gods regarded her as a traitor, only the astralists of the Court of Scorpio was aware of her twinge of guilt within her hatred. Attracted by Alma’s strong emotions and, the astralists reconstructed her scorpion tail with the power of the constellations. Alma fought with the power granted by the astralists and was given the title of the Court of Scorpio. The Astralist asked Alma to continue her mission with her undying will, that she would annihilate all corrupted ones for heaven.

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