Armstong had loved the harvesting girl always. When Demons raided the wheatfield, he hurried there only to find that the girl was abducted by the Demons. He roared as he rushed into the crack of Dark Cove, throwing his raging fists at any demon that stood in his way. But he struggled to march further as the Demons kept coming forward like rising tides. Armstrong thrust himself into every gap in the crowd he could get in as his calmness and sturdiness were engulfed by rage... Armstrong, who had lost his way in the crowds of Demons, in desperation, sought help from the Court of Taurus. The astralists turned him into a golden bull enveloped in blazes. Despite his horns surrounded by tangled flames, his mind was calm as a windless sea. He knocked countless Demons down with his rugged and outsized body, leaving behind his fiery hoof prints.

        He broke through the encirclement of the Demons and rescued the maiden. He then ran straight back to the constellations with the girl on his back.

        The horns on Armstrong’s head were wrapped around with flames since then, but the flames were gentle and true, scorching and no longer frenzied. It was the proof he fought valiantly to protect his loved one.

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