Amid the chaos between the Gods and Demons, an astralist with metal wings on her back came to the field of Persephone. The golden light of the astralist was a signpost guiding people on their ways. “Beautiful Persephone, your sickle is cursed, you must discard it.” Persephone did not take the astralist’s advice for she needed the weapon to protect herself. The astralist then flapped her wings and flew towards Persephone. She put her hand on Persephone’s sickle and said, “May the pure maiden be rid of danger.” She then became a glimmer of light that attached on the blade. Before Persephone could question the astralist, the earth suddenly split and she fell into demonium which was dominated by a shroud of darkness, and was surrounded by countless demons.

        “Fair Persephone! Do you like my engagement gift?” The crowd of Demons closed in on Persephone, telling her that the sickle was a present from them. The sickle glowed as Persephone pleaded for help in desperation. The astralist's power separated her from the Demons. At the same time a flaming bull broke through the encirclement of the Demons and rescued Persephone, who was in a panic. A golden glimmer enveloped them and a pair of metal wings was attached on the back of Persephone. The bull and the wings took her from the underworld and into the golden glitter of the constellations. Since then, Persephone had been learning under the Court of Virgo. Being prudent and careful, she looked after everything pure and thus became the successor of the Court of Virgo.

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