Taunted by Lü Bu in front of the aristocratic, Yuan Shao became their scoff. He had never been humiliated; he was full of hatred and anger that Lü Bu had to pay for it.
        At this moment, he was standing in front of a big map with three noble henchmen. In the very center of the map was Lü Bu’s city. Yuan Shao put three flags around the center; each color represented an army, completely surrounding the area.
        “I received a reliable intelligence. Lü Bu is taking his main force to raid a city nearby. As his own city’s defense slacks off, we take over it! Humph! By the time we take it, Lü Bu will no longer be able to defy me!” Yuan Shao said proudly.
        “Wonderful plan, Master Yuan Shao. As long as we surround him, he’ll become a sitting duck. Then, you can teach that arrogant bastard a tough lesson!” Yuan Shao’s henchman echoed.
        “Humph! Lü Bu you bastard, I’ll show you no mercy!” Yuan Shao burst into laughter. The pathetic look of Lü Bu crying for mercy, and the satisfied look of him when embracing Diaochan, kept playing in Yuan Shao’s mind.
        Wearing a golden armour, Yuan Shao set out valiantly with his three henchmen and the armies. Although it was his first battle, his plan was totally perfect, so he was not nervous at all; on the contrary, the soldiers with him were shaky all the way. They had already heard of Lü Bu’s heroic stories——he was invincible. Merely his voice could make people intimidated. He had never lost a battle, even Cao Cao was afraid of him.
        They climbed over a mountain, passed through the woods and finally arrived at the city ruled by Lü Bu. However, the place was unusually quiet, not a soldier in sight——
        “It seems Lü Bu is not aware of our plan at all! He certainly never thought of such surprise!” Yuan Shao continued as he observed from afar. “Great! We take advantage of this opportunity and march on the city, then beat him up!”
        “But I think we should be prudent before we act. The place is too quiet after all——”
        “Humph! What are you afraid of! Lü Bu is clearly not prepared. It’s just a waste of time if we continue observing!”
        “...Aright. Shall we go as planned? Surround the main city before we raid them.”
        “It’s unnecessary. Now that Lü Bu is not even ready, we go straight in!” Yuan Shao said as he grinned: “Let’s end this fast. Then we go back and rest! This armour is heavy and hot as hell. I can’t wait to take it off.”
        They came to the main city and saw the gate open, but there was no one inside, just like a ghost town.
        “Master Yuan Shao, it’s weird. Maybe we should withdraw our armies for further tactics.”
        “No need! We end this once and for all now!” Yuan Shao ordered the soldiers as he galloped: “Soldiers! March!”
        Under Yuan Shao’s command, the soldiers gave a roar of rage, charging at the city. However, there was not a single soul inside the city, not even a light...The soldiers marched forwards carefully; Yuan Shao, on the contrary, walked cockily, and he was not even holding a weapon. After the army was all into the city, the gate shut immediately! They were surrounded by countless light spots!
        “What, what is it?” Yuan Shao was scared and nervous.
        “Hahaha!” Lü Bu sneered at him; Yuan Shao looked at the direction and saw Lü Bu stand on a watchtower with his halberd. “Veritably, you’re really a pampered, arrogant fool!”
        Lü Bu’s soldiers rushed out all around. In the blink of an eye, Yuan Shao was surrounded! He finally understood that it was Lü Bu’s stratagem of empty city.
        Lü Bu signalled his soldiers to march on Yuan Shao’s army! Yuan Shao was frightened and fell off the horse; he pulled out his sword in panic under the protection of his henchmen, and pulled back inside a house. The screams of his soldiers made him tremble, huddling in a corner. He had no idea how terrible a war was.
        After a while, the screams halted. There were only rallying cries left outside. Yuan Shao shivered hard with fear as he listened. Then, he seemed to hear footsteps coming up to him. He could no longer endure this torture. Yuan Shao stood up and slowly walked towards his henchmen…
        “Bad! Lü Bu is coming towards us! Don’t worry! Master Yuan Shao, we’ll——”
        One of the henchmen stopped his words. He fell down, and there was a deep and long cut in his back! The remaining was stunned by the blood dripping on Yuan Shao’s sword. He looked delirious, raised his sword and approached the henchmen. Screams echoed in the room.
        Lü Bu came to the room. At this moment, Yuan Shao opened the door, holding two heads; he kneeled down, lowered his head and crawled towards Lü Bu: “They instigated me...I was forced to attack you, Master Lü Bu! I, I’ve killed this black sheep! mercy...Master Lü Bu...I’ll do whatever you want!”
        “Well…,” Lü Bu grinned. “Crawl under my crotch. I may spare you life.”
        Such behaviour is a total humiliation to a man. But in order to save his life, Yuan Shao did it. After Yuan Shao crawled under his crotch, he laughed: “Haha! Funny!”
        He said as he crouched down and stared at Yuan Shao: “I’ll let you go. I wonder if a weakling like you, who killed his men merely to save his own life, is able to do something.”
        “Thank, thank you, Master Lü Bu! I’ll be always at your service!”
        “That bastard Lü Bu——one day you’ll pay for what you did!” Yuan Shao glared at Lü Bu’s back, gnashing his teeth in hatred.

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