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        “What happened?”

        The commotion between Vega and the vendor drew the others’ attention. None planned to help Vega and instead, they all berated her for a thief who ate and ran. Just as Vega was stuck in helplessness, an adolescent slowly walked out the crowd with his cow. He asked about the situation before the vendor hurriedly explained it and asked him to judge who was right.

        “Bro! Don’t you think she should’ve paid me?”

        Looking at the distressed maiden, the cowherd simply could not bring himself to believe that she was lying. On the other hand, the cowherd had been living around this street since he was a child; he was no stranger to little deceitful tricks. The maiden must have fallen victim to the vendor’s trap.

        “She did eat your ice-sugar gourd...” Upon hearing this, the vendor’s anger bloomed in vindication, for he did not expect the cowherd to continue by saying: “...but she doesn’t need to pay.”

        He continued as all stood astounded, “When you handed her the ice-sugar gourd, you asked her if ‘she wanted one’ but not ‘she wanted to buy one’, right? Anyone could have misunderstood that they were being given out freely.”

        After they listened to the cowherd’s speech, nods among them abounded, and the vendor himself was left speechless. Nevertheless, the cowherd paid the vendor for Vega. Life was difficult after all.

        “Receiving his help, Vega was determined to repay him. No matter how he refused, Vega did not give up. And in the end, he acquiesced. Since then, Vega lived with the cowherd, Altair. Love developed between the two during their time together and eloped. However, the master of Moon Palace sent emissaries to capture Vega for deserting her post. Though Altair fought with all his might, a mortal like him still could not rival the Xian. To protect her lover, Vega had no other option but agree to return.”

        “Altair and Vega were separated by an impenetrable barrier, and forbidden to see each other. However, their love did not diminish; instead, it grew with time. Every night, Altair stared at the silver moon in the sky, hoping to get a glimpse of his lover’s silhouette; every day, Vega peered at the faraway realm of Humans, reminiscing about her beloved.”

        “Their emotion eventually touched the master of Moon Palace. Thus, he allowed the pair to meet once a year. From that day on, Altair and Vega would reunite once a year on the silver river, continuing until Altair passed away from old age. Hoping to leave with him, Vega abandoned her godly power, so she could grow old and later join him in the other world.”

        “Legends state that Altair and Vega’s love turned to a power that guards over lovers. If two individuals truly love each other, they would be blessed with that power.” Ibarakidouji paused for a while before he continued: “So, Isabel and Diarmuid must be living happily in the other world.”

        “Mm. I believe so.” Marguerite gently wiped the tears away from the corners of her eyes.

        Marguerite and Ibarakidouji interlocked their fingers, while hoping that all can find their other half. Although things could go wrong sometimes, hopefully everyone can still locate their love and never part again.