Smoke of incense curled upwards, spreading its fragrance all over the room. There was a charming lady sleeping tight on bed with deep and long breath.

        A burly man Lianying, who dressed in a pink mini skirt, stood in front of the door. He did not dare to move, and breathed lightly not to disturb her slumber.

        However, the quiet atmosphere was ruined by an uninvited visitor running in the hallway. That person went straight into the room nervously; and Lianying immediately stretched his arm to stop him.

        “Zhao Gao, Bosslady is sleeping. You can’t go in.”

        “Step aside, Lianying! It’s an emergency!”

        “You-you can’t. No one can disturb her sleep without permission.”

        “It’s a critical moment now. Make way!”


        “What’s with the noise,” the lady Cixi asked gently. Both of them shut their mouth and stood upright as they heard her voice. Cixi walked out of the room with a drowsy look, glancing at a petite yet beautiful boy Zhao Gao.

        “Shouldn’t you be collecting the debt from that fake psychic with Zhongxian? You have no time to slack off, unless you want to pay off your debt for the rest of your life.”

        “That’s why I’m coming for this! The psychic somehow found a skilful man to take down our fellows at once. Now Zhongxian and the others were holding them up, but I’m afraid they couldn’t stand long.”

        “I don’t care about the debt, but our reputation matters. What would others say if we can’t even handle some psychic…” Cixi pondered for a while as she touched her lips. “Lianying, come with me.”

        The three of them arrived at an open area on a street. The very first thing that came to their eyes was Zhongxian being kicked off by a young man.

        “I won’t let you take him away!” Zhang Liao told the Zhongxian lying on the ground. “My love life is counting on this psychic!”

        “Damn…” Zhongxian touched his aching stomach, glaring at Zhang Liao. He looked up as he saw shadows come overhead. “Lianying, boss! This guy’s attack is tricky and I can’t figure out his moves...Ouch——!!”

        “Stop moving. You’re injured. Leave him to me; Zhao Gao, you take care of Zhongxian.” Cixi raised her weapon, looking at Zhang Liao who covered the psychic at the front. “He’s mine.”

        “Huh? It-it’s not necessary...right? I think I can handle——” Lianying was trying to stop her, but he shut up immediately when he saw Cixi’s gaze.

        Then, she sprinted towards Zhang Liao. When everyone there thought she was gonna attack him, something unexpected happened——She hugged Zhang Liao super tight as if their bodies were glued together. Without seeing this coming, Zhang Liao was freaked out to stumbling on the ground.

        At this moment, a burly figure approached him from behind——It was Lianying, who captured this chance to subdue the dumbfounded Zhang Liao instantly.

        Cixi wiped off the dust on her clothes and said joyfully, “I knew it. Woman’s body is his weakness ‘cause he’s still a virgin.”

        She came over to the psychic who curled up at the corner. “Pay off the debt with money, or your body. Zhongxian, Zhao Gao, bring him back to the store,” Cixi ordered as she crossed her arms.

        “Wait! At least let me ask him where my Mrs. Right is! He promised to tell me if I protected him,” Zhang Liao yelled.

        Understanding the whole story, she smiled while covering her mouth. “So you were protecting him because of this...Unfortunately, he’s full of lies.”

        “Wh-what!? How is it possible…,” Zhang Liao was numb with shock.

        “I have no reason lying to you. By the way, you hurt my men, and you have to pay the price.” Cixi glimpsed their injuries and signaled Lianying to come over. “Lianying, bring him back too.”

        “Hold on!” Someone stopped Cixi. It was a man in quality attire with an intimidating aura. “What are gonna do,” she asked on her guard.

        “I need him,” Cao Cao answered.

        “Sorry, he beat my men. I can’t just let him walk away.”


        “Understood.” Xiahou Dun, the lady next to Cao Cao, untied a bag and threw it at Cixi. Dazzling gold bars fell out of the sack.

        “This is the price,” Cao Cao said.

        “Such amount is equal to the living expenses of a normal family for a whole year,” Cixi thought. “It seems you’re in desperate need of his help. Well, I’m a reasonable person. He’s now yours. Lianying, please.”

        As Lianying untied Zhang Liao, he came back to Cao Cao blankly.

        “Alright, everything is settled. Everyone, back to the store.” Cixi’s intuition told her better not to get involved with Cao Cao. Therefore, she led Lianying and the others back to the bank, and continued her life as a debt collector...

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