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        Surrounded by the crowd, a lady was held at the center of the city square. Meanwhile, a man in luxurious clothes Welwitschia came to her.

        “You trespassed on Blossomville and hurt Mother Tree. I now sentence you to banishment!” As Welwitschia waved, two soldiers came forward to escort the lady. At this moment, a little girl rushed out of the crowd and hugged her.

        “Don’t take mommy away!”

        “Papaver, it’s mommy’s fault. I made a mistake when I was seeking treatment for your father,” the lady paused and pushed her daughter away. Then she looked at Welwitschia and said, “this is all on me. My daughter has nothing to do with it. Please let her stay inside the enchantment.”

        “Sure. I’ll look after your daughter and husband——”

        “No! I’m not staying here!” The stubborn Papaver shouted, “family never falls apart!”

        Since then, Papaver had been living with her parents as an outcast. Soon, her fragile father withered, and her mother followed her beloved husband before long. The orphanized Papaver brought her parents’ remains back to Plantdom, hoping to return them to the embrace of Mother Tree. She was baffled when the guards refused to let her in at the enchantment entrance.

        “I need to get in.”


        “I’m the citizen of Plantdom.”

        “Humph! We’re not the same kind with the filthy elves like you. You shouldn’t have been born at all!” One of the guards humiliated Papaver.

        Another guard followed, “and how delusional you are to send your sinful parents back to Mother Tree——Ouch!”

        “Shut your mouth! Don’t you dare insult my parents!” Papaver hit the guard with her miniature fist. The irritated guard then pushed her away to stumble, pointing the sword at her.

        “We will not let your poison taint Mother Tree! Get lost or we’ll make you!”

        “...Damn it!”

        Papaver got up and ran away crying.

        “Why are we being treated like dirt? Daddy and mommy were the nicest elves I’ve ever known. They didn’t deserve this...I hate this country!”

        Weeping non-stop, Papaver buried her parents somewhere out of the enchantment. To survive, she put her resentment behind and overcame the harsh training, becoming an outstanding elf eventually. She recruited the elves who shared a similar background; as time went by, her squad had grown into a powerful gang, and the brilliant Papaver became the leader undoubtedly.

        Papaver thought that she would be living this life until death, yet a drastic change happened one day. The outcasts began to wither with no reason.

        “This must be caused by the elves inside the enchantment! They’re killing us by manipulating Mother Tree!” An outcast yelled, who was banished for the inability of blossom.

        “He’s right! They must have started it! Papaver, we gotta stop them!”

        “Right! If we still don’t do something about it, we’re all gonna die!”

        While the elves were whining, Papaver gazed at Mother Tree at the center of the enchantment. Its halo was weaker than it used to be. Without the halo, the elves would eventually wither.

        “Why are we being treated so unfair while all of us are floral-elves too? This doesn’t make sense! We’ve done nothing wrong. It was the insiders’ fault!”

        The incident reminded Papaver of what had happened to her family. Ignited by resentment, she turned to the outcasts, who became quiet as they felt her intimidating aura.

        “If they want us dead, then we don’t have to be merciful anymore! From now on, we will take Mother Tree back, for it belongs to us and it’s our right to defend!”

        Papaver raised her fist, marking the beginning of a revolution.