In a dark room, a man was left lying on a long table. A maiden was surrounded by strong men with weapons in hand, as if they could take her life at anytime. Aside from that, the maiden calmly cared for the lying man. The speed at which she skillfully stitched his wounds was so fast that her hands became a blur. The man’s chest was sewed closed and there was no trace of it ever being cut open.

        Having ensured that everything was settled, the maiden washed her hands and began packing up her tools. The men approached the lying man and yelled, “Boss! He’s okay, isn’t he? Why isn’t he responding?” “Don’t make a fuss! He’s not responding because he’s still on anesthesia. Besides...” “Boss! Why isn’t boss breathing? And I can’t feel his pulse!” The maiden was interrupted by one of the men before she could finish her sentence. All the men then looked at the maiden, fierceness palpable in their eyes: “Crescent, you dare let our boss die? Those people even called you the miraculous doctor?!” “Hey guys, just listen to...!” The men did not listen and instead, grabbed the anesthetic on the table and threw it at Crescent which immediately rendered her dizzy before she collapsed onto the ground. The men then stuck a piece of duct tape over her mouth and tied her wrists and ankles before putting her in a gunnysack.

        Before she completely lost consciousness, she slightly heard a man say, “This is the price you pay for letting our boss die! Move, men!”

        The sound of footsteps and horse carts gradually softened when the anesthetic finally wore off. Crescent no longer felt dizzy, and slowly regained her strength, so she struggled to crawl out of the gunnysack and panted heavily to catch her breath. She slowly loosened the rope on her wrists and ankles while cursing, “Darn thugs! Threatening me to cure their boss, and then not listening to me after the treatment...The anesthetic renders the patient pseudo-dead for twenty-four hours. Unlike me who has been through numerous trials, some random guy can’t wake up so easily like the way I do. Let’s hope they don’t bury their boss alive.” Crescent rose to her feet and shook off the sand on her body while observing her surroundings...

        There were dozens of huts but no signs of life. Wind blew sand into the air. Crescent covered her face with her hands while yelling, “Hello! Anyone?” There was no response. She scouted around and noticed that the place looked like it had been abandoned for quite a while. Crescent walked to one of the huts and after noticing the door was unlocked, she entered the small dwelling. What was behind the door shocked Crescent — kitchen utensils were scattered on the floor, scratch marks were carved onto the walls, and dark red blood stains were everywhere...Crescent crouched and observed the blood stains. She smelled it and said, “It’s oxidized. The injured must have lost around two-third of his blood. He’s probably dead by now. Hm...what exactly is happening here?” Just then, bumping sounds could be heard from outside the hut, so she hurriedly went outside to take a look.

        Crescent looked toward the direction of the sound and saw that another hut’s door was open. When she entered the hut, she saw a bemused man facing a wall. “Whew, finally found someone. Hi there! What is this place?” The man neither answered nor gave any kind of response and instead, merely stood in front of the wall. “Hey! What are you doing?!” She patted on the man’s shoulder and the man suddenly turned to look at her. When she saw his face, she already knew there was something wrong with him; and in a split second, the man went berserk and grabbed her arm. The man pulled her toward him and tried to bite her arm! Crescent retaliated with a heavy punch to the man’s head. She was skillful in one-on-one combat and the strength of her punch was enough to shove the man away for meters! “Oops...Maybe I punched too hard.” Crescent assumed the man was injured, but surprisingly, he closed in for another attack as if he did not feel any pain. She hurriedly stepped back to lengthen their distance, but the man dashed at her crazily. Left with no other options, she sprung toward the man and knocked him down with a flying kick. With her momentum, she used her right hand to firmly press his head against the floor, and waved her left hand in front of his eyes while he still tried to bite her: “His eyes are rolled back. How can he see? And his body temperature is low, his heartbeat is slow, his face is pale and his veins are bloated with a dark purple color. A person’s blood turns purple only after death. What kind of disease is this?” Crescent’s body shook while she broke into laughter. Her laugh was even crazier compared to what the man was doing! “Unknown disease! What an interesting disease this is! This is exciting!” As if she had found a precious treasure, Crescent looked at the berserk man with glistening eyes.

        While she was examining the crazed man, people with the same symptoms swarmed in and attempted to assault Crescent. “Enough already! What is happening?” With a bitter sigh, Crescent punched the man’s head with enough force to ensure that he would not be able to wake up for a little while. She then attacked the first crazed person in the swarm with a spinning kick which knocked all the other berserk people away like bowling pins. Seizing this opportunity, Crescent dashed out of the hut.

        Just as she thought she had escaped peril, a crowd of crazed people hemmed her in! Crescent cracked her knuckles and said, “Humph! Do I have to take out every one of you?”

        Suddenly, someone threw chunks of meat that had small bells attached to them toward the crowd. Attracted by the sound of bells and the smell of meat, the crazed people scattered in search of food. While Crescent was still bemused by the scene, an adolescent walked up to her and grabbed her hand: “We’d better leave before they notice us. Or we’ll be in trouble!” “I still have to study this new disease! Stay away from me!” “I got info about the virus! Let’s just leave first!” “If you say so...” Crescent followed the adolescent as she looked back to observe the scene — the crazed people were eating the raw meat, and even fighting against each other for it...

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