Dawn broke. The sunlight shone over a girl’s face in the room. She was sleeping, but with a bizarre posture——her head was under the pillow and she lifted her butt high, as if she wanted someone to slap it.

        “Oh no, I can’t take this…” The girl murmured in her dream, with a blush coming to her cheeks.

        At this moment, someone kicked the door open. A young boy showed up, walk straight towards the bed without seeking the consent of the room owner.

        “Hey Banana, it’s morning already. Wake up!” Green Apple, the boy, yelled at the girl who was fast asleep.

        “No, I can’t eat it all...Slow down…” Banana continued the dream talkings as she didn’t aware Green Apple’s presence.

        “This lazy pig...Gotta wake her up in the old way!” Green Apple took out an iron pan and a hammer. He brought them close to Banana’s ears and stroke hard——DONG!

        The deafening noise had startled her, making her jump. She got up and looked around with drowsy eyes.

        “What-what happened? Strange...I should be eating rainbow banana now...Ah! It hurts!” Her head was knocked by Green Apple. “Hey, why do you hit me,” she said as she glared at him.

        “Coz you’re too lazy. It’s our turn to help master to take care of the orchard this week,” the cocky Green Apple responded as he raised his chin. Suddenly, someone tapped him on the shoulder from behind without making any noise.

        “This feeling...It must be her!” Green Apple looked back and saw a girl stand in front of him. That girl seemed to be in a bad mood, wearing an angry scowl. But Green Apple sensed nothing at all. “Cherry, good to see you here. I was gonna wake you up too——”

        BANG! The wall behind Green Apple was punched to a hole, and Cherry did it deliberately. “You ruin my beauty sleep...I remember the meeting time is at noon. Why are you waking us up when the sun still hasn’t risen yet?” she spoke in a cold voice.”

        “The early bird catches the worm...We can prepare earlier, right Banana?” Green Apple signalled Banana by elbowing her gently. The Banana in a trance was woken up, nodding to agree although she wasn’t sure what was going on.

        “Sigh, I’m wide awake anyway,” Cherry heaved a deep sigh.

        After washing and dressing, they set out to the orchard from the cabin. The orchard occupied a wide area, planting with all sorts of fruit. Passing through the place, they arrived at where they were responsible for. There was a man turning the soil with a hoe. “Good morning, all of you.” He paused his work and smiled at them.

        “Good morning, master.” They greeted him respectfully.

        The man was a gardener of the orchard. He took care of this place on the order of the Elder Gods. The trees absorbed the elemental power and gave birth to three elves——Green Apple, Banana and Cherry.

        Although the man clarified that the owner of this orchard was the Elder Gods, but to the elves, he was the true master in their eyes.

        “Why are you coming so early,” the owner asked gently. Green Apple could not wait to answer, “because we’re eager to help you, master!”

        “Really? It’s very kind of you. I’ll bake you a fruit tart after finishing the work today.”

        “Fruit tart...I want it! I want it!” Banana raised her hands; the gluttonous face made the gardener laugh.

        Later on, they worked together in the orchard until the sunset. The gardener then honoured his promise and baked a delicious tart for them.

        The respectful love to the master filled Green Apple as he ate the steaming hot tart.. He swore to protect the master forever in return. Next day, the gardener was laid up. It was the first time to see the gardener getting sick, leaving them at a complete loss what to do next.

        “...No worries, Green Apple. I’m just feeling tired. I’ll be fine after a rest...Cough!” The owner even fainted after a round of violent cough. Green Apple had almost lost control as he thought the gardener was dead. Luckily, Cherry remained calm to check the gardener’s vital signs. He was just passed out as he was still breathing, which made them breathe a sigh of relief.

        “We can’t just stand here and do nothing!” Looking at the fragile look of the owner, Green Apple could not bear it.

        “Then what can we do?” Banana was red-eyed.

        “I heard that there is an elixir outside could heal any illness. Master will be cured if we could find it!,” Green Apple said as he clenched his fists.

        Banana and Cherry both agreed to his plan. Then, they packed up and embarked on the journeys for the elixir...

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