Minerelves’ Record Story Ch. 19

        Inside an isolated country, there nurtured a special sort of elves. The species was called minerelf, for their body structure consisted of jewels. The nation gradually thrived under the king’s rule, and this story began at the thriving age…

        Inside the health center of Minerelf Girls’ School, Amethyst, a “girl” in white coat, was leaning against the window, watching the field outside the building with a magnifier.

        Dozens of girls in sports uniform gathered at the field, who were the sophomore students. They were currently in magic combat class, learning to strengthen their bodies with elements. When they were in combat session, all of them made their maximum efforts, showing their energetic side.

        “Aw, young energetic girls are just beautiful. The halos produced by element-resonated jewel are so mesmerizing. I wish I could study their jewels now, especially hers…”

        Amethyst moved her magnifier to the right, looking at Amber the tangerine girl.

        Surrounded by four girls, the calm Amber agily dodged all incoming attacks. In a split second, she grabbed a girl as a support to do a spinning kick, sweeping down the other three girls.

        “Look at her agile moves. I knew Amber is different among us! Aw, I wish I could have a thorough examination with her, analyzing every jewel inside her…” Amethyst got more excited as she watched, sticking almost the whole body onto the window with a predator gaze.

        The sensitive Amber sensed the presence of Amethyst immediately. Looking up, the frowned Amber summoned the jewel bug——

        Slash! The jewel bug hit the branches outside the window, bending it to block Amethyst’s view.

        “Tut! Got busted…” Amethyst put down the magnifier to stretch her body.

        “I’ve got enough for today anyway. Let’s take a nap——”

        Amethyst’s plan was interrupted by two students, who opened the door of the health center——Diamond the silver-haired “girl” in sports uniform and Jade the green girl. The reason for their visit should be the wound on Diamond’s knee.

        “...Please, don’t just think about winning. Mind your own safety. If I didn’t catch you in time, you would have had a broken arm or leg right now,” Diamond lectured Jade.

        “Are you done? I didn’t ask you to save me,” Jade threw her attitude at Diamond, who was her childhood best friend as well as her classmate. She went to Amethyst as long as she realised her presence, “Miss, she has a scratch. Can you please treat her wound?”

        Despite Amethyst’s younger look, she was actually older than both Diamond and Jade. All minerelves were born to have a mature body. Minerelves’ body pieces would peel off during their aging process, causing the decrease in body size as they grew older.

        “She’s a diamond. What a stunning sparkle…”

        Amethyst was carried away by Diamond’s reflection, but she held back her excitement and coughed lightly.

        “No problem. Leave her to me. You go back to your class first.”

        “Thank you Miss,” said Jade, bowing to Amethyst. Then she left the health center.

        “Sit down first. I’ll go get the gauze,” Amethyst instructed Diamond to sit on the bed at the corner, who complied without doubt.

        Amethyst summoned her power to surround Diamond with rhombus-shaped purple jewels.

        “What? Is enchantment?” The shocked Diamond tried to get up, but he found himself suppressed by the force field.

        “I want to analyze the jewel inside you. May I?”

        While Amethyst was asking, her hands had already touched Diamond’s body, whose face went pale immediately.

        “Hard as the book said...Mmm, wait...This feels weird…” The unexpected touch confused Amethyst. Before she could further examine, the door was barged open by Amber.

        The rarely emotional Amber became furious once she found out what Amethyst was about to do to Diamond. She called out her jewel bug in the nick of time, taking down Amethyst with an overwhelming power.

        “Diamond, are you alright?”

        “Yea——Argh!” Diamond covered his mouth because of the strong nauseous feeling. While patting his back gently, Amber waved to command her jewel bug, hanging Amethyst into the air, who was trying to escape.

        “Spend some time and think about what you just did here,” said Amber scowling at Amethyst. Then she left the health center with Diamond.

        Being suspended in the air didn’t make Amethyst sad. Instead, she became thrilled as she stared at the diminishing figure of Diamond.

        “Is she a...This is interesting. I’ll just sit back and watch this drama.”

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