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        The legend had it that Cthugha could grant its believers new life by subliming their souls into flames, which could burn eternally.

        According to records, the Elder Gods left their bodies in the realm of men after creating the world while their spirits flew into an ethereal space. People learned about their existence from the literature written by ancient humans. The believers both worshipped and longed for this ancient power in the hope that Elder Gods could end the wars. So, they summoned the incarnations of the Elder Gods from another world, but the dragons which descended from the ethereal space were uncontrollable. Still, the believers worshipped the Ethereal Dragons as if they were the Elder Gods, and submitted themselves to the control of these close relatives of the Elder Gods...

        ‘...Though the flame was evaporating my tears, I know this was your way of caressing my crying face! My lord of the eternal flame, please forgive me for my cowardness! But I must record it to tell people how great you are. I am returning your gifts because I want to repay your liberation of my soul! The eternal flame shall light up the starry night as you extend yourself and descend through the ethereal gate. The flame will cleanse the world and pacify the chaos brought by Gods and Demons. May our shrine stay in your embrace until everything is burned to ashes. Then, may you soar into the air, while your blood relatives shall stay and guide us...’

        The second half of the book consisted of prayers praising Cthugha. The mage threw away the half-charred book and walked alone in the scorched building: the altar was almost reduced to nothing; the once beautiful stone stele had collapsed into the ruins where it was half-buried by the ashes. Summoning a magical wind, the mage could finally read the words written on the stele: ‘Celebrated be thy name’, ‘Thy will come’...

        The mage shook his head frustratedly . He had gone to the ruins to find the whereabouts of the Ethereal Dragons, rather than seeing how people had worshipped them foolishly. As he raised his leg to take another step, his leg broke off all of a sudden. He immediately casted a spell, summoning elements of wind to support his body. As he picked up his detached leg, he could see that his bony lower leg had been covered with gaping wounds. He knew that his body could not be sustained any longer. He had to race against the clock to obtain the power of the Ethereal Dragons before his body completely collapsed.