QuestionMarkCard details
Name Cthugha the Holocaust Heritor Attribute InvFire Fire
Id No. 572 Rarity 6★ Cost 15 Race InvDragon Dragon Series Ethereal Dragons
Lv Max 99 Exp
4,000,000 Max
Basic Properties HP Attack Recovery Total Sacrifice Exp Sell Value
Lv 1 215284272 3066 Lv 1 900 500
Lv 99 3625 1273 115 5013 Per Lv +870 +100
Active Skill Name Defensive Stance - Fire Lv. 1
14 Lv. 10
Effect Turn all Earth Runestones into Heart Runestones.
Leader Skill Name Dragons on Offense
Effect Dragon Attack x 2; Dragon Recovery is added to the Monster's Attack. Dissolving Heart Runestones recovers a certain percentage of HP lost (Recovery % of each Heart Runestone is the no. of Dragons x 2)
Amelioration Skills
Refine1 Amelioration Skill 1:
Monster's Attack +90
Refine2 Amelioration Skill 2:
Monster's Active Skill CD - 1 after entering a Stage
Refine3 Amelioration Skill 3:
Monster's HP +500
Refine4 Amelioration Skill 4:
Increase the drop rate of Heart Runestones in the column below the Monster to 25% (the effect will not override those of Active Skills).
Battle Claws of Incineration
Power Release
Origin Friend Point
No Diamond
No Others

Book Backstory:

        Behind the village was the Wood of N’gai, and the Mount Holy Cthugha was situated behind the forest. When the old chief of the tribe was still a child, their clan had escaped here to stay away from wars.

        ‘It’s Cthugha! Run!’ the natives shouted in a hoarse voice towards the newcomers as they pointed at the volcano. Thick plumes of smoke were coming out from the vent and the land surrounding it surged towards the centre of the volcano The whole mountain looked like a gigantic beast lying on the ground The sky was rumbling as a pillar of lava spilled from the vent, the natives left their houses behind and escaped hurriedly. However, the old chief’s father did not manage to follow them in time. All he could do was await fate as he watched the lava surge towards them.

The forest was engulfed by flame instantly, leading all in the foothills to assume complete annihilation. However, when the lava came up to them, it had already cooled down and was merging with the soil. After the narrow escape, all the tribesmen expressed their gratitude as they knelt before the mountain. The mountain was named Mount Holy Cthugha since then, and the clan settled down in the village left by the natives. Nourished by the volcanic ashes, the land surrounding the mountain was extremely fertile and tall trees rose from the once deserted land as if reaching for the skies. The clansmen would have a plentiful harvest every year for the crops they grew. Therefore, the reputation of the mountain spread to a mage.

        “We are the offsprings of the fire. The mountain has guarded generations of us and it symbolizes the destruction and rebirth of everything. We won’t let you get any closer to the mountain!”

        “Get out of the way if you still want to live.” The mage looked at the starry sky, uninterested in elaborating. With a wave of his wand, he pushed the old chief far away. The mage's old and wizened body had been supported by the elements, and thus, the spell he had been using seemed to have drained his body.

        “Almighty guardian! Expand your wings to hold the blasphemer in your eternal embrace... ” the chief wailed. The villagers who called themselves the offsprings of the fire no longer tried to stop him. They tearfully prostrated themselves at the mountain in worship. As the prayer ended, an enormous dragon broke out from the volcano. The holy mountain had been the shelter for its body, and the soil had been the blanket it used for its long sleep. The starry sky was an inferno as the dragon spread its wings and breathed out blazing flames. Before the sparkles fell on the land, the clansmen who worshipped fire was already evaporated by the heat. The mountain-like dragon and the mage inside the watery sphere confronted each other as the blood-red demonic flame clashed with the sea-blue water elements—

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