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        “And the following exhibit will be the spotlight of the night. Diamond from the bottom of deep ocean, the starting price is 2000 golden coins……”
        Cullinan squinted to evaluate the grape-sized diamond at his seat. “We already had too many things like this one at home. Boring…... bid me a 5 millions. I could use it on my toilet.” he sighed to his servant.
        “Master, but your toilet is already fully embedded with gems…...”
        “Embed it on the servant’s toilet then.”
        Cullinan and his servant discussed toilets loudly in the public and trashing the diamond like it was worthless. Their discussion made the other guests felt like they were bidding an accessory for toilet, provoking raised eyebrows.
        “This is just a waste of time. None of these so-called treasures can compare to the things I have on me. I’m disappointed. So disappointed! Is the world out of jewels that can amaze me?” Cullinan couldn’t care less about the others and lied down on a mattress. He even kicked the lady in front of him on her back.
        “What a stinky upstart. Rude!” the lady said with her mouth half covered by a fan, turning around to glare at Cullinan
        Cullinan always thought that his body odor was a special kind of aroma. Only people with poor taste would take that as stinky. He pulled a spun gold-embroidered handkerchief and threw at the lady. “Those clothes you’re wearing is rude! Cheap like curtains. At least wear something quality like this!” the sarcastic Cullinan replied her.
        The handkerchief had been with Cullinan for too long that it started to smell. The lady was disgusted and retreated with a twisted face. Cullinan stuffed it back to his armpit. “Let’s go. To the black market.” he told the servant.
        The black market was full of people with mixed background. The servant gasped in fear. “Master……you already made a scene the last time you went there. Are you——” he was stopped by Cullinan stuffing a big clear gem in his mouth.
        “Those bumpkins are just a bunch of greedy creatures. Just throw them some money and they’ll be bowing before me.” Cullinan replied with disdain. With the servant’s mouth full of gem, Cullinan stuffed the rest of the gems into his pocket.
        At the black market, the well-dressed Cullinan was in high profile. “You! Do something for me.” he yelled at a bully guarding the scene
        The bully was furious for being yelled at. He went up and ready to punch Cullinan. “We have rules here! No one cares if you’re the king or a homeless——”
        The bully was interrupted when he was shouting at Cullinan, who pulled a heavy bag of golden coins and waved it in front of the bully. “Gather all the jewel traders here to me!” he ordered.

        Every man had a price. The hall was filled with jewel traders in just a blink of an eye. The traders who got interrupted in the middle of trades started to clamour. Cullinan raised his cloak, showing the gold bars wrapped around his waist. “Shut up! Leave the gems and get lost!” he grumbled.
        All kinds of shiny gems were placed all over the table. Cullinan carefully picked one by one, throwing the disapproved gems right on the floor. Finally there was a rare oriental stone left—— a jade.
        “This gorgeous jade……”
        “It’s flawed,” said by a voice next to Cullinan.
        Cullinan immediately examined the treasure, and found a crack along the stone. Confirming it was flawed, Cullinan broke the stone out of anger!
        “I…… I can help…… I can make…… the uniqle gem……” the voice talked again.
        Cullinan turned around and saw a bizarre lady—— Blodgett standing closely behind him, with her head down. She glanced at Cullinan and kept her head down again.
        Cullinan stared at her. “You can make gems? What does that mean? Gems are naturally——” he asked doubtfully.
        Blodgett lifted her head rapidly right when Cullinan threw the question at her. With the sparkles in her eyes, she grabbed his shoulder. “I can utilize my genius brain to invent a machine to make unique gems do you want to own a gem that glows in the dark with a warm touch and possess lively patterns?” she threw the words at Cullinan volubly.
        Cullinan burst into applause after what Blodgett had said. “Bravo! Bravo! This is my first time to see a maniac like you! Name a price! I can pay you no matter how much you ask for!”