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        Under the lead of the adolescent, Crescent arrived at a village that resided on a high plain around dusk. It was far from where the crazed people were and there was a bamboo fence separating them, so the infected could not easily invade the village.

        Crescent and the adolescent entered the village. All the villagers looked at her strangely, as if they were cautious about the visitor. A well-built man with two subordinates walked up to Crescent and said: “Ashner, she’s not allowed to enter the village.” “Why, Benet? There’s so many monsters out there! If you want her outside the village, that’s like killing her!” The adolescent tried to put in a good word for Crescent, but Crescent did not seem to care about her safety. She only coldly replied, “I won’t die out there. It’s just a bit tiring.” Upon hearing this, Benet angrily told Ashner, “Humph! If she thinks she’s not going to die, then why not just let her go? We cannot risk letting a possibly infected person into the village!” Benet and Ashner firmly looked into each other’s eyes; neither was planning to give up.

        Just then, Benet’s face was filled with pain. He pressed onto his abdomen before blood spurted from his mouth. Afraid of being infected, everyone around him hurriedly took a step back. Benet collapsed onto the floor and the continuous blood dripping from the corner of his mouth stained his clothes red. People around started to murmur, “I didn’t think there would be infected people in the village. This is bad!” “ this village is not safe anymore?” “Darn! He shouldn’t have come if he knew he was infected!” Crescent pushed the people aside and fearlessly walked toward Benet who was writhing on the ground. She calmly checked his condition and said, “His face is pale, but his veins are not bloated, nor has it turned purple. His sight is normal too...” She turned her attention to his swollen belly. Without any hesitation, she tore his shirt and lightly pressed different spots on his body. When she pressed somewhere near his stomach, it was palpable he felt more pain. Crescent then disappointedly said, “Humph! It’s only internal stomach bleeding. It’s not that berserking disease. I thought this was a good chance to trap an infected patient for my research.” “How, how can you tell he’s not suffering from that disease?” “He’s right! The guy’s vomiting blood! He’ll soon turn! We should throw him out of the village!” The villagers did not trust Crescent. To protect themselves, they wanted to send him away and let the matter run its course. Crescent opened the pouch on her belt within containing a number of various scalpels for medical treatments. Filled with confidence, she asked, “If I can’t cure him, I’ll kill him for you. Is that okay?” The villagers exchanged glances — they still did not really trust her, but Crescent warned them, “This man will be dead in approximately ten minutes. If you want to continue your discussion, that’s fine with me, but I can’t treat a dead body!” After a short period of silence, Crescent looked at Ashner: “Hey, you! Come and help!” “Coming!”

        They entered a dark room with a dim-lighted torch that could only light up a limited area of the room. “Only this place has a table long enough to place a person on it, but...” Ashner said, but Crescent interrupted, “This is fine. Put him on the table. Then everyone get out!” “But the room is so dark...” “I don’t need to see. Now get outta here!” She knew the Human body like the back of her hand, and had no need to see the patient. As soon as she made her first incision, the man started shrieking. Crescent did not have her anesthetic, so she immediately punched him in the head to knock him unconscious.

        “Sigh. Being unconscious is better than being dead.” With that said, Crescent focused on opening his stomach again. She discovered that he did not only have internal bleeding, all of his organs were also filled with parasites! “Huh. What kind of life do you lead? How can you not be aware of all these bugs? Anyway, it’s been a long time since I last played with buggies.” Crescent excitedly took out a potion bottle. When she applied the potion on the parasites, their body softened. She then took out two pairs of forceps and a silver plate before she began picking them out one by one. Her hands were as fast as lightning and in a mere while, the plate was full of parasites. After taking out all the bugs, she took out a needle and thread, and started sewing the bleeding wounds of his stomach. However, whenever she closed a wound, another would open elsewhere. She then closely observed: “So it’s not just internal bleeding. He’s also suffering from edema caused by inflammation. If this pressure remains, the bleeding won’t stop. Interesting. This is getting difficult, but also more challenging! Haha!” Therefore, she waited for the wounds to bleed until Benet’s stomach returned to its normal size before she finally started sewing. Crescent finished the operation and checked that he was still breathing. She walked outside and told the others, “He’ll be fine.” Benet’s subordinates dashed into the room to check on him and were relieved to see that his breath was steady.

        “Your medical skills are great! Can you teach me?” Ashner excitedly asked Crescent, but she acted as if she did not hear his question and instead replied, “You promised to tell me about the berserking disease. Now tell me!” “You really don’t know anything about it, do you?” Crescent shook her head before Ashner continued, “Then let’s go to my place.”

        When she entered Ashner’s hut, she noticed that it was just as plain and simple as the previous village that had all the crazed people...“Just sit anywhere,” Ashner said, so Crescent sat on the floor. She then suddenly spoke, “This village is built for quarantine. Or should I’s for banished patients?” Ashner was benumbed before he sat down to face Crescent: “How do you know that?” “These huts are plain, and do not have much in them. Anyone can tell they were hastily built for something urgent. Plus there aren’t any resources around here. No one would settle in a place like this.”

        Ashner’s expression gradually turned anxious as he explained to Crescent: “All of us used to live in a town nearby when mad people started to appear one day. They assaulted other villagers — some bit with their teeth while others attacked with their nails. What was most appalling was that the assaulted soon turned into one of them...All the doctors in town did not know how to deal with it. Left with no other options, the mayor could only send the crazed people here. From then on, the townspeople lived in fear. To avoid similar cases from happening, he expelled all the patients to this place, but what’s happening here isn’t related to the berserking disease!” After a short pause, Ashner looked out the window and continued, “Everyone here has either lost their lives because they didn’t receive proper care or because they got assaulted by the crazed people when they were returning home. There are fewer and fewer people now...” Crescent silently listened to Ashner, but she actually did not care about what had happened. She merely contemplated the nature of the virus, why it drove people berserk, how it spread, and how she could cure it.

        Learning that Crescent was able to cure Benet, the villagers all sought after her help, and she excitedly accepted all the patients because she could have her hand at curing so many different diseases. One day, she suddenly felt dizzy and the strength in her legs drained, causing her to collapse to her knees. Ashner nervously walked up to her and asked, “Are you al...” He stopped his sentence as he looked at her legs. Ashner’s anxiousness caused Crescent to curiously look at her own legs. It was not until then did she notice her legs were surprisingly pale and the veins on her legs were bloated and had turned dark purple...