Abraham was chained up, floating in the sea. Sometimes he would close his eyes for a deep, long sleep; sometimes he would stare at the sky for a few days, wide awake. He lost count on how many days had passed. The grass rope on his neck reminded him of Huifre’s warmth, keeping him from going insane.

        Years later, cold ocean currents flooded through Abraham and woke him up. He could not feel Huifre’s grass rope on his neck. He swayed his body to feel for it, but it was already gone. Finally he gave up and stared at the gloomy ocean. He started to doubt if it was all just a nightmare. Thinking hard gradually wore out his sense of patience. He hoped to meet Huifre again, but he was afraid to find out if she was still alive.

        One sunny day, Abraham had a dream full of remorse—If only he had not met that giant face; if only he had taken good care of Huifre; if only he had not slaughtered the villagers, he would have stayed with Huifre until the very end .

        He dreamed of Huifre touching his face with her warm hands, moving to his chest, and unlocking the chain of Athena. She hugged him cheek to cheek and whispered, ‘Wake up.’

        A sense of relief filled Abraham’s body as he opened his eyes. He noticed a strange man standing next to him and a broken chain floating in the water. The man locked Abraham’s arms between his and swam upwards.

        The man flicked his sleeves and sneered, ‘The god’s seal’s nothing special.’ Then he wiped his clothes and the blood. Abraham, soaked to his skin with hair covering his face, sat next to the man and stared at him

        ’You aren’t Huifre.’ said Abraham with a straight face.

        Belial buttoned his clothes and said solemnly, ‘I need your talent.’

        Abraham replied tonelessly without thinking, ‘I’ve got to find her.’

        Belial ran a finger on his chest mockingly. ‘You won’t.’ Abraham did not care much and walked away determinedly.

        Belial narrowed his eyes, ‘That curse... Athena is more merciless than I thought.’

        Billowing sand filled the air. Abraham’s suffering continued even after going ashore. He returned to the village, where no one could be found except hundreds of rotten corpses. The land where the twins’ house stood was razed to the ground.

        ’That’s impossible...She must be waiting for me somewhere.’ Abraham searched for clues in his mind. He remembered Huifre always yearned to take a look at the creek’s outfall. Abraham always told her that it would be a big pond filled with colorful fish and pebbles. He promised to take her there someday. ‘...I should search along the creek.’ He lumbered through dried soil and gravel at a loss.

        The end of the creek turned out to be another village. Terrified by Abraham’s appearance, the residents either ran away screaming or threw rocks at him. He had already experienced this before. After all these years, he still could not fit. Only Huifre could understand him, but she was not here anymore...A pale face appeared out of nowhere.

        ’It’s you. You set us apart.’ Abraham ignored the rocks flying at him and punched the giant face, but it glided past Abraham and swallowed the rocks. The villagers spread out in panic screaming, ‘Seek help from Huifre!’

        The name stunned Abraham. He could not believed what he had heard.


        He rushed after the villagers in search of Huifre, ‘Huifre! Are you here, Huifre?’ He came to a corridor of holy magic arrays drawn with branches in a pine forest. In the people’s prayers he could heard Huifre’s name repeated and he believed she must be near. He stepped towards the brighter end of the corridor and heard the voice that he had been waiting to hear for decades, ‘Who’s there?’

        Heavy raindrops splashed on Abraham. Looking around, he found himself on the shores. The holy light was gone, as well as the pine forest and the villagers…

        ’ going on?’ Abraham was shocked. He definitely heard Huifre’s voice. It was not a dream. They were only steps away moments ago.

         The giant face was still following him.

        ’Gotcha. Been having fun playing hide-and-seek with your sister?’ sneered a voice from behind. Abraham turned around and found Belial sitting casually with his arms crossed. Abraham glared at him in fury, ‘You know what’s happening, don’t you?’

        ’If you help me against the gods, I will remove the curse on you. A piece of cake.’ Belial reached out his hand.

        Abraham stared at Belial. Huifire’s voice replayed again and again in his head. He yearned for more…

        ’It’s all for Huifre.’

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