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        Robert was a famous coroner in the city; his sewing technique was superb and his logic was sharp. Myriad crimes were solved through his search for clues from dead bodies. Gradually, he earned a high reputation bringing with it success and honor.

        Yet, sharp pain always lingered in his liver. At first, he assumed it was the result of irregular work hours, but was proven wrong by his doctor: “You liver has died. If there is no suitable liver for transplantation, you have about a month left.”

        “Please help me! I will do anything!”

        After a long wait, there was finally a suitable organ. The doctor informed him his surgery was successful, and that his body will heal soon. However, just as he was rejoicing about his new life, a peculiar God told him, “You will die soon!” Robert visited the doctor again for a thorough examination before the doctor hesitatingly said:

        “I am sorry...The sceptic blood had already circulated throughout your body. There is nothing we can do anymore. I had originally thought that it would get better, but...”

        “Shut it, you quack!”

        He angrily left the clinic, still unable to accept his fate. He sought every famous doctor in the city, but was to no avail.

        ‘My road to success has just begun! How can I die now? I mustn’t let that freaky God find me!’

        No matter where he hid, the God was able to locate him. One day, he saw that peculiar God again, pursuing a strange person interfering with souls of the deceased. He dashed out to help without thinking, hoping to use his aid as a token for mercy from the God. Though Robert failed to capture the person, the God granted him more time out of sympathy, so he could have the chance to bid his family farewell. However, it was not what he had wanted.

        Feeling lost, Robert staggered along the street. Just then, an eerie voice rang...

        “Hey, aren’t you the guy who just played hide-and-seek with me? I smell death in you...”

        Robert turned to the direction of the voice. It was the peculiar person whom the God was pursuing.

        “Oh, look at your pitiful face! Do all Humans hate death so much? Is it because it’s going to take everything from you? You’re a famous coroner in the city, and you’re dying despite your recent transplant. That is kind of depressing, isn’t it? But still, there is hope.”

        Robert looked at him in bemusement.

        “I can let you live, but your body and organs will still decay as time passes by...” The person said while reaching out his hand.

        Robert struggled. Who can be sure that this strange person can actually cure him? But he had less than a day; if he did not wish to give up everything he worked for — fame and money — he had no choice. Therefore, he gradually stretched out his hand, taking in it the man’s...

        Robert feared that death would take away everything from him, so he became a Demon Savant’s test subject, and through this, attained an immortal body. To avoid suspicion arising from his decayed organs, he had to regularly replace them. And the source of such organs came from the bodies sent to morgue...