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        With a frown on her forehead, Lisa searched through her work desk. She found that she had exhausted her supply of a frequently used gear. She asked the metal puppet next to her, but it told her there were none in the warehouse either. Hence, Lisa had to stop her work and to purchase the parts. She put on her cloak and walked into an alley. Just then, a strange man blocked her way. He was holding a cane and his left hand was a giant metallic claw.

        “What is it again?”

        “Hand me the Ancient Dragon Power! Only I can thoroughly utilize such power!”

        “Ancient Dragon Power? I have never actually wanted it.”

        A frown that had long been abandoned once again appeared on Lisa’s face. She could not understand why everyone was after her Ancient Dragon Power. She only deemed it a curse, a curse which had shattered her whole life. When the man heard her words, he approached Lisa in a bright smile. A glint reflected in the air; he swiftly leapt backwards. The place he was originally standing at was struck by a metallic arm, resulting in a big pit on the ground.

        “You want it? See if you can get it.” Lisa squinted at Midgley while he laughed out loud. “Bravo! Bravo! That is what Ancient Dragon Power should be!”

        The man raised his giant claw and dashed towards Lisa; the metallic arm on Lisa’s side struck at Midgley. He parried the attack with his cane while thrusting his lightning-power infused claws at her. Just before the claw landed, Lisa’s left eye sparkled with bright blue light. The light assembled into a metallic shield and blocked the claw; a deafening noise and blinding light flashed from the impact! After the glare disappeared, the two had separated. The frowning Lisa looked at the panting Midgley. With a slight shake of her head, Lisa had her left eye radiated with blue light again. The light formed a strange machine around Lisa, and with its power, she flew away.

        The man giggled at the sight of Lisa’s departure. He took out a palm-sized apparatus from his coat. On the apparatus, a signal flashed in the direction where Lisa had left. Lisa did not know that he had a way to trace her in hand; she flew back to her laboratory. It was not until she saw the parts on the floor did Lisa remember that she had to buy a gear. She pressed lightly on her left eye and once again frowned...

        “What should I do? It’s hurting again...” — Cyborg Craftsmen - Lisa