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        The Qiao twins grew up with Sun Family from the South feudatory. The twins and the Suns maintained a good relationship, especially the eldest brother Sun Jian. They practiced martial arts and did everything together. Sun Ce took care of them like they were real brothers.
        As they grew up, Da Qiao started to feel differently for Sun Ce. She did not rush into his arms anymore, hold his hand, or glue to him all the time. Sun Ce thought it was because he spent too much time dealing with political affairs. He sent her gifts from time to time, but Da Qiao desired something else.
        Later Da Qiao heard Sun Ce had caught a cold. Fretting about his condition, she used Xiao Qiao’s worry as an excuse to visit him. The moment they reached his mansion, they found him leaving his mansion with a girl! He escorted the girl to a carriage, and embraced her. She replied by kissing his cheek! The Qiao twins witnessed it all. Xiao Qiao gasped, while Da Qiao trembled in fury. After escorting the woman, Sun Ce saw the two and happily ran to them.’ What brings you here?’ Da Qiao lowered her head in silence. Sun Ce tapped her shoulder, but she flicked his hand away, ’TAKE CARE! BYE!’ she said and strode away angrily. Xiao Qiao bowed to Sun Ce to apologise for her sister and ran after Da Qiao, leaving Sun Ce stunned in confusion.
        At home Da Qiao could not help thinking about that woman, so she sent her attendant to investigate that woman’s background. She turned out to be an owner of a jewellery shop in the city. The more Da Qiao thought about their amorous moves, the more furious she felt! She decided to cause trouble in the woman’s shop with Xiao Qiao.
        The woman greeted them politely and introduced a variety of goods to them. Da Qiao winked at Xiao Qiao, who then “carelessly” wiped a table of jewels onto the ground. Da Qiao pushed over the shelves in the shop. Busy picking up the jewels, the woman could not stop the Qiao twins. Suddenly Da Qiao trod on a jewel and slipped, falling on the counter and flicking a glass bottle to the ground! It fell and shattered into pieces...The woman gawked at the glass bits. Tears gushed out of her eyes. Da Qiao was shocked to see her crying. She stammered, ‘S-serves you right!’ She left the shop with Xiao Qiao afterwards.
        When they returned home, their father called them to the living room. To their surprise, the jewelery owner was waiting for them there. Their father’s face contorted with anger, ‘ Do you understand what you have done? That glass bottle was a gift for the feudatory! Apologize!’ Xiao Qiao’s eyes watered in panic. Da Qiao maintained silence. ‘I’ve spoiled you too much...Somebody get me a stick!’ ‘Beat me if you have to. Leave Xiao Qiao alone. I came up with the idea and I broke the glass bottle.’ Da Qiao stood in front of Xiao Qiao .
        When their father was about to beat Da Qiao, Sun Ce seized the stick, ‘I’ll take my lover’s responsibility…’ His words fueled Da Qiao’s anger. She yelled at him, ‘I don’t need your pity!’ Then she ran away from the mansion.
        She kept running until she reached the top of the mountain. Sun Ce yelled from behind. He had followed her all the way here, but she was not ready to face him and lowered her head. ‘Don’t worry. Brother Sun Ce’s got you. It’ll be fine.’ ‘I don’t want you to be my brother! If you treat me as nothing more than your sister, just stay away from me! Don’t give me the wrong ideas about…’ Da Qiao erupted in a multitude of emotions. She could not ignore her feelings anymore and spilled everything. Sun Ce quietly embraced Da Qiao, making her gasp in surprise. A moment later, he said, ‘I intended to propose after getting permission from your father, but then things happened...That’s why I said I’d take the responsibility of my lover—your responsibility.’
        Da Qiao burst in tears after hearing Sun Ce’s confession. He gifted her with a dagger embedded with a jewel as their token of love. The dagger had been bought in the jewellery shop, which meant he had been preparing to confess to Da Qiao, but she had misinterpreted everything and ruined the woman’s shop. Da Qiao and Sun Ce returned home hand in hand. It was a happy and peaceful moment for them...