‘We could hear the name of R’lyeh reverberating in our ears repetitively. The desire to dive took root in our mind. The priests sailed against the wind as people jumped into the water. We held our breath in the water, enjoyed the pleasure of suffocation, and accepted challenges given by the God. As the water pressure crushed our eardrums, God’s word could be directly sent to our brains. My fellow believers, we must have faith. The floating corpses next to you were the consequence of disbelief!’

        ‘Blue fins and silvery gills were grown on our bodies. Although few remained, but as the ones who arrived at the deep sea, we are certainly the most devout. In order to reward us for our faithfulness, the great Elder Godcreated a imperishable city and carried it on the back of its godly body, and prepared itself to bear every disaster in the realm of men. R’lyeh! The city of the Elder Godabsorbed every rays of illuminations and even the sunlight. It has a blurred outline constructed with dazzling green stones. Windowless buildings, towers with narrow bases, a dark-green atmosphere— everything was beyond the people’s imagination. The creation of the God was not expected to be comprehensible for mortals, but these structures with otherworldly angles were strangely intriguing, so that we devoted ourselves to help the Elder Godaccomplish its plans, waiting in the depths of the sea for the day when the stars were right.’

        In the storm, the wooden boat was propelled by the elements against the wind. Frightened sailors were controlling the boat with overwhelming efforts and sailing the boat forward under the mage’s command. As the mage cast a spell at the sea. the sea whirled and created a maelstrom so deep that its bottom could not be seen. The wooden boat moved up and down in the waves. As the crew members had nowhere else to go, they could only brave it out and sail towards the vortex.

        “Ignorant heretics, I have just opened the gate towards the ancient power, but they think it will lead them to the noumenon of the Elder God...’

        As a ray of magic spell was shot into the centre of the vortex, a city rose from the water with a deafening roar. However, the distorted ancient city began to tilt and created a seismic wave tall enough to cover the sky. The mage shockingly discovered that the whole city was constructed on the back of an enormous dragon, which stretched out its limbs to cover the whole boat in darkness—

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