It was midnight. A maiden in the camp moved towards the dim light and she started to sharpen her hair stick clumsily. She pierced her hair stick into a piece of cloth, yet only the head of the hair stick went through. She was not discouraged by this, and continued to sharpen it, even her fingertips were all scraped. She bore the pain and sucked her thumb without groaning, as she might woke the handmaid up. Just then, she heard footsteps outside, she blew out the candle and returned to her bed hurriedly. She pretended to be woken up by the noises. Seeing her father standing still besides her in his armor, she already knew that the war had bitter drawbacks. She faked a smile to cheer her father up and asked, “Dad, why are you here with a sword?”

        She could hardly see her father’s face in the dark, but the cold beam of light of his blade. Battle cries suddenly sounded throughout the campsite, she could hear the soldiers yelling that the enemies were raiding outside the camp. The maiden knew what would come next with what she just heard, so she sat upright silently with her head lowered, awaiting to be executed by her father. Yet her father bent to hold her in his arms and cried, “My girl! Your brother is captured and our city is raided for you, and now our soldiers are killed and the ancestral shrine is ruined. With you, our family is doomed!”

        Su Daji was the daughter of one of the feudal lords. She was much-loved by her family and had been living like a princess. Gifted with outstanding appearance and kind-heartedness, she grew up to be a stunning beauty. Seeing her father and brother always busy, Daji had been wanting to share her family’s burden. Yet all her attempts ended up in ruining everything, and so she ended up staying home. At the time the realm of men was threatened by the elves, and King Zhou ruled his kingdom with coercion. Politics was controlled in the hands of the wicked officials while the loyal ones were put to death. The relationship between Su Hu and the king deteriorated when he admonished him. A treacherous minister seized the chance and reported to King Zhou that Su Hu had an alluring daughter, suggesting the king to make her his concubine. The king could kill two birds with one stone, for he could own the fair lady while repairing his relationship with Su Hu through the marriage. The king was pleased with the suggestion and ordered Su Hu to send his daughter to the palace. Su Hu sighed when he received the injunction, “Ruled by a king who loves beauties, the kingdom will be undermined. The king is the role model of his officials. If he turns his back on righteousness, his officials will proceed towards the same direction. Now that the king be not king, the minister be not minster, it is meaningless to talk about issues of the kingdom!” Su Hu then rejected to surrender his daughter. King Zhou was much enraged and ordered his troops to take down the land of Su Hu. Su Hu tried hard to defend himself with his city as a stronghold, yet his troop was no match to that of the king.

        At the moment when the city was taken, a vixen came to the maiden, telling her that it would assure her family sound and safe at the price of her soul and pneuma. The girl therefore allowed the vixen to gobble her soul. The vixen, which then occupied her body, finally became the queen with Daji’s beauty and its power. It controlled the kingdom together with the other elves...

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