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        On the way home, there was only withered grass on the sides of the road. The breeze kissed Geironul’s face.

        Geironul looked up at the sky. The sky was dim, with dark clouds decorating the dust. Since Baldr was destroyed, spring didn’t come anymore. Everything in the kingdom had withered. The old castle she once lived in was still there, but it stood in ruins. The scene was bleak.

        She would have never imagined that her hometown no longer brought beautiful memories, but endless depression and regret. If the war ends someday, will Baldr rise from the ashes? No one knows.

        Since she had been born, Geironul was burdened with the responsibility to inherit the throne. However, she also inherited a destroyed kingdom. Geironul felt that she was more or less responsible for the kingdom in ruins…

        She would be the queen if Baldr existed; she would still be the king who destroyed the kingdom if it didn’t.

        Walking past the city gate and climbing up to the rooftop, Geironul felt the wind gently embraced her. At that moment, all Geironul wanted was to be at peace, embracing this kingdom in ruins—
        Smoke rose from the top of the castle.

        She stood up in shock and rubbed her eyes…

        Yes, it was smoke.

        Geironul rushed to check it out. Upon arriving at the castle, she was startled.

        Twenty, thirty, forty...maybe more were hiding in this castle.

        Her old home had become a shelter for the survivors.

        “It’s princess! Princess Geironul!” A woman exclaimed. All survivors immediately stopped what they were doing and looked at Geironul. Geironul recognized her. It was her teacher.

        “What’s going on? You’ve been hiding here?”

        The teacher shook her head, saying: “We just came back here. The war temporarily ceased. A lot of people here wanted to return home, so we gathered together, but we have to hide out in the castle to avoid Demons.” She continued: “We still remember when Demons destroyed our country. We are still afraid..”

        “If Demon attacks again, I will have no mercy!”

        “I heard that your highness had become a valkyrie, which proved that Baldr has a chance to survive. We are proud of you.” The teacher talked while she showed Geironul around to see the survivors, most of whom were women and kids.

        Holding tightly onto the spear, Geironul’s hand was shaking. The survivors in front of her were all that she had. As for the survivors, Geironul was their last ray of hope to save the kingdom. There was only one chance like this in the time of chaos…

        She had to save her kingdom before Baldr completely disappeared.

        In the following days, Geironul helped the survivors with their chores and gathered what was left in the castle in the same time. All valuables had been robbed by Demons: the wooden chairs, weapons and buckets. Fortunately, she found some good wine in the basement. With simple meals, wines tasted even better.

        Every day, Geironul hunted and cooked with the survivors. Sometimes she taught them how to use spears so that the survivors could protect themselves. As time went by, the feeling of helplessness gradually faded away, replaced with a fulfilling life with diligent work.

        When night fell, all the survivors were asleep. Geironul was alone, looking at the fire, where she seemingly saw the prominent future…

        Everything will be okay…

        The fire was about to burn up…

        She heard weapons.

        Geironul immediately stood up and approached the window, only to see fire engulfing the inner city. A Demon army dashed into the inner city and took everything they found.

        “How dare they break in here!” Geironul immediately woke the survivors and instructed them to escape under her protection.

        As she was about to return to the inner city, the teacher pulled her skirt and said: “Your highness! Please leave with us!”

        “No! I will give them a lesson! Don’t worry, I will come back!”

        “We will go together with you!”

        “No! You are gonna die!” Geironul put on a smile and said: “If you do want to help, please run away and find me some helpers. This is a battlefield. It’s a valkyrie’s duty to fight off the Demons.”

        Seeing Geironul’s determination, the survivors could only watch as she left for Baldr alone.

        “Let me show you a valkyrie’s real power!” Geironul held onto her spear and dashed into the fire.

        Seeing Geironul rushing towards them, the Demonic soldiers immediately arranged their teams. Unexpectedly, she jumped up to the rooftop and hid in a corner. The Demons immediately released a team and sent them to the rooftop—
        But Geironul was nowhere to be found.

        As soon as the soldiers intended to jump back to the ground, screams echoed in their ears—a few soldiers immediately turned into bones. Behind the bones stood Geironul.

        Geironul dropped her wine bottle and straightened herself up, saying: “I wouldn’t have noticed the wine in this house without you.” Turned out that upon reaching the rooftop, she had jumped into the house through the chimney and then dashed out of the front gate and attacked the Demons.

        She smiled even more confidently among the fire.

        The Demonic soldiers gathered again for battle.

        “I can defeat all the Demons, no matter how many of them there are!” Geironul thought. That night, she would fight for Baldr and sacrifice herself for the survivors...