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        A young woman was doing her work in a flurry in front of a pot of boiling aromatic cream soup. She peeled an onion clumsily with her stiff right hand and could not help but tear up by its irritation.

        “Ugh. This bloody onion gets me every time.” As the young woman grumbled, a little hand pulled her hem. She looked back and found her lovely daughter staring at her worriedly. Daughter’s innocence reminded her of her old self…

        Selena was an aristocrat. Spoiled by her parents, she had been leading a pampered life. Slim and silky white hands with exceptionally long fingers made her dance moves even more graceful, earning her a compliment of “wings of the angel” by the blue-blooded. However, the appearance of a man had turned her cozy life upside down.

        One day, her family held a banquet at home, gathering plenty of nobles. The young Selena was not into this kind of social activities. The only thing she was concerned with was what to fancy for tea time, either strawberry cake or creme brulee. At this moment, Selena saw a butler with blue-black suit holding a silver tray. So she tailed him in order to sneak the dessert.

        “Young lady, are you supposed to be sneaky like this?” The tall man stopped walking suddenly, just standing there upright back over Selena.

        Hitting by the unexpected sarcasm, Selena felt embarrassed with a blush. Lectured by a servant, she took away his tray haughtily. “It’s none of your concern. I do whatever I want!”

        To secure the lid, his sleeve was torn off by Selena during the struggle, showing a shrivelled, smoky black hand in stark contrast to her snow-white skin. The only thing in common was that they both had forearms slender than usual. Stupefied, they gazed at each other silently.

        Having forgotten his manners, the butler quitted tangling with the girl by leaving her alone. As this man had aroused Selena’s curiosity, she went round hiding in the dining room to meet him again.

        “Great! That guy hasn’t arrived yet. I’m gonna hide here and watch him.”

        Soon, the man came in with a guest, who sat stiffly with a nervous look. Then, he handed the plate to the guest with a smile. The atmosphere was unsettling somehow.

        “What are they talking about...why is the woman shaking her head?”

        The man opened the silver lid, “serving” a fierce-looking head on the plate. Selena was numb with shock instantly. He raised a napkin and next second, blood splattered on it while the woman’s head dropped on the floor from her neck. The kill was so cleanly processed that she couldn’t take her eyes off from it.

        “Have you got enough?” the man asked.

        Selena walked out of the cabinet without any emotions, “are you a killer? How can you do it in just a second!?”

        The man was intrigued by her calmness. “Young lady, do you want to learn?”

        Selena reached out her hand and answered haughtily, “yes. It’s much more interesting than etiquette!”

        He took her hand, the hand that was born to kill, and kissed the back. “I’ll corrupt you into the most outstanding demon,” he said gently.

        Afterwards, Selena was not only trained to be an exceptional assassin, but also she married him to be the wife of the devil…

        “Mama, mama, the soup!” Her daughter’s calling pulled Selena back to the reality. She turned off the gas stove immediately as the soup was about to spill out of the pot. Then, a translucent butterfly with psychic power landed on her shoulder. It was a message from her husband. When everything got settled, Selena followed the butterfly to a suburban church.

        A trail of blood led her all the way to the confession room. The first thing caught her attention was the bleeding, dying Shire.

        “What happened! My dear…” Selena, trembling with fear, shouted desperately.

        The critical Shire was too weak to speak. He could only explain with the shape of lips to hi wife in tears, that he was cornered by an assassin guild.

        “...Keep our promise...My life only belongs to you…”

        Selena held his hand tight. The color of black and white touched each other at this very last moment. Then, she took a step back; and hanging ropes were shown on her hands suddenly. Her stare turned cold and sharp, gazing at this man in front of her.

        “I love you, my dear,” spoke Selena.

        Shire smiled with his last strength. Selena spinned the ropes rapidly; a sliver light followed her as she danced. Shire closed his eyes. His world was shutted down into a peacefully silence.

        She picked up her husband’s head and planted a soft kiss on the forehead. “Killing my husband without hesitations...I’ve really turned into a demon.”