Azathoth, as the origin of the universe, began to have consciousness. Driven by the primordial instinct for destruction, its self-mutilation behavior had given birth to Daoloth.
        The newborn Daoloth was merely a white slime drifting in the universe, without selfhold. As time went by, a weak consciousness sprouted. It tried to wiggle but the body cracked into pieces due to overexertion. Startled, Daoloth retrieved its strength and the scattered parts were brought together miraculously.
        How amazing! This irresistible feeling kept Daoloth trying different movements over and over again. A long period of time had passed, and something flickered across its mind eventually.
        “This” Daoloth, for the very first time, recognized its own existence, but was still unable to differentiate the universe and itself.
        “This form doesn't fit in. I need a change.”
        Right after Daoloth came up with an idea, its body began to transform——the white slime elongated; both sides became hardened, coated with shimmering color of metal. Limbs started to develop as its irregular body was formed. Daoloth spinned the limbs to advance forward.
        “I’m I?”
        Daoloth looked at its razor-sharp claws, then put its hands together. A sense of enormous power was brought to the palms, turning into a dazzling beam strong enough to light the darkness of the entire universe. No one could take this dazzling light, not even Daoloth itself. With its hands open, the light did not fade away, but shaped an irregular planet gradually.
        “I made this…” Gazing at the planet floating on its palm, Daoloth attempted to touch it but the planet was shattered in a second.
        “Too weak...Still have plenty of room for improvement. I have to keep on creating, until I know what I am.”
        Indulged in creation, Daoloth had made countless planets during the space odyssey. Eventually, it created a solid one but had yet to gain any satisfaction despite its great effort.
        “Not enough. I need to create more.”

        Instinct drove Daoloth to bring fertility into the desolate universe by means of creation, not only comets but also life forms. These plants were called the “land of life” by Daoloth and its followers in the future. However, one day the land of life would wither, and what remained was nothing but a wasteland.
        During the journey, it met Arwassa——a higher creature like Daoloth. Both were devoted to creation, but the difference was that Arwassa created with its own emotions, while Daoloth was driven by its own instinct.
        That’s why Arwassa had developed interest in Daoloth and decided to be its partner. Daoloth did not resist as it was also curious about this higher creature. With Arwassa’s help, Daoloth’s work became much more diversified. Regrettably, the planets and life forms it created failed to escape the fate of death.
        Daoloth had never been moved by the loss of life, as if it had a mission to build as many lands of life as it could, non-stop. And Daoloth was unaware that its action had disturbed the slumber of Azathoth.
        The awakened Azathoth, in an irascible mood, tracked Daoloth down by its energy, giving a roar of rage. Shortly, a strong power was unleashed to collapse the land of life.
        Daoloth, for the very first time, felt an emotion rippling in the heart. It was furious but excited. Daoloth glared at Azathoth——a creature seemed different yet so similar in terms of existence. All of a sudden, Daoloth was enlightened.
        “I’m...Daoloth. I’m born to create.” It finally figured out what it was meant for this world, and what its mission was.
        The encounter with Azathoth had inspired Daoloth about the self existence. This awareness made it unable to control its overpowering energy anymore, for Daoloth knew that it was corrupting inside, and creation would simply do more harm than good by nibbling its soul away. However, no one could deny their own instinct, not even Daoloth.
        Although Azathoth had been obstructing in every possible way, Daoloth became more eager to create than ever, leading its followers to a corner of the universe. Daoloth closed its eyes and gave out an iridescent breath, making a planet much larger than itself. With its eyes open, the planet was divided into two, and thereby the sky and the earth were created.
        Having learnt from the past experience, Daoloth brought in oxygen and water this time; its limbs were turned into plants, and its breath fertilized the land, giving birth to life. This land was called “the realm”, the place where Daoloth and Azathoth embraced their own fate.

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