After waking up, Lakshmi could not move a step. All she saw was a place completely different from Sinha palace —— a simple, unadorned bedroom.

        “ I” The strange environment put her into fear. She trembled while pondering, grabbing the bed sheet tight. “I remember...I was planning to escape last night. Then I felt dizzy and fainted...Did Agni spot me and take me here for imprisonment?”

        At this moment, a woman came over as she held a bowl on her hand. “Finally, you’re awake! How do you feel now,” she asked kind-heartedly.

        Lakshmi shook her head. Then, the woman continued as she checked on Lakshmi’s condition, “don’t worry. You’re not in Sinha. Our guru Vishnu brought you to us last night. We’re not your enemies.”

        Facing the enthusiasm and care of the woman, Lakshmi was still suspicious of her intention. “Impossible...No one has ever treated me like that...Ah my legs can’t move...I wanna go!”

        As the woman was overwhelmed by her reaction, someone knocked the door and came in. It was a dark-skinned, burly man Vishnu. When he saw Lakshmi is already fine, he took a breath and said, “Leave her to me. I can handle it.”

        Then, the woman left and there were only two of them in the room. As a protection, Lakshmi covered her with the bed sheet and curled up.

        “She was afraid...Let’s make her calm first.”

        Vishnu comforted her with a soft tone. “My name is Vishnu. Please calm down. There is an ominous power blocking your chakras. I’ll use my prana to reopen your energy channels. Soon you can leave after your body recovers.”

        He added, “’re welcome to stay of course if you like.”

        Gazing at Vishnu, Lakshmi noticed that he never made an eye contact with her when talking. However, judging from the way he clenched his fists, she could feel his nervousness.

        “He...likes me. I can feel that.” Since the bizarre power inside her body was woken up, Lakshmi had become much more sensitive than ever. Knowing that Vishnu was not her enemy, she finally dropped her guard and let him help.

        Vishnu made different mudras while chanting an Om. Then, he put his palm on Lakshmi’s shoulder; energy started flowing into her slowly. Compared with the dark power she experienced before, Vishnu’s was exceptionally warm, just like the light speckles she saw.

        “No, his power is stronger and more vital…” She was completely relaxed, bathing herself in such comfortable feeling.

        Since Lakshmi was born, this was the first time she ever felt happy in her life. She wore a smile spontaneously, as if her body got excited about this power. But the joy did not last long. When it was vanished, her mind became heavy as rock, her body became feeble and fell down.

        “Be careful.” Vishnu got her. Feeling shy, he left hold of her right away.

        “Oh, I can move.” Lakshmi had recovered her strength. When she turned around, she saw Vishnu has already stepped back to the door, crossing his arms.

        “Th-thank you,” Lakshmi expressed her gratitude.

        Then, Vishnu nodded and opened the door. Lakshmi thought he was leaving, but he just stood there without saying a word. “Anything you want to say,” she asked.

        “...Your physique is different from the others. It seems it’ll attract some ominous power.”

        Lakshmi freaked out and felt worried. “Am, am I going to die——”

        “No!” Vishnu looked her in the eyes to guarantee her safety. “I’m not gonna let this happen. Stay here. I promise I’ll find a way to cure you!”

        His vow had sent warmth into Lakshmi’s heart. Then she responded gently, “I trust you.”

        After Vishnu left, she went to bed and fell asleep shortly. She had a dream. At the beginning, it was wonderful. She was in a ceremony of some sort; everyone was jumping with joy, dancing happily. Next second, Varuna and Agni showed up with a sinister smile. Their hands were covered with blood. Corpses piled up everywhere.

        Both of them were shrouded in an unprecedentedly huge darkness, which then came after Lakshmi.

        Such a great pain almost suffocated her. When she woke up from the dream, that scorching hot feeling had spread over her body, trying to burn her mind and will…

        “No matter where am I, I just can’t get rid of them…”

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