“Ah!” Darwin, the man in a white coat, screamed in pain. Newton the red-haired boy stopped his move. He seemed not very good at caring for others, therefore just had a glanced at Darwin and then looked at the other side. “...Sorry,” he said hesitantly.

        “Hey, why apologize? Your skill in dressing wounds is the best I’ve ever seen, unlike Galileo. Speaking of which, I don’t understand why her act doesn’t match with her beauty. She treated my wound so roughly that making me scream like a little bitch.” Darwin touched the bandage around his right leg. It was neat and tight as if having been measured by a tool. This was truly a work of sophistication.

        “If you didn’t save me, you wouldn’t have…” Newton was dejected, showing empathy with his pain. Instead, Darwin was optimistic as usual. He patted Newton in the back to comfort him.

        “Didn’t you save me too? We both helped each other. And it’s our fault to drag you into this mess.”

        Darwin was a gold scientist of Lomond Manor while Newton was the new joiner this year. After getting knocked out in the hall, they found themselves in a bottomless hole.

        Darwin’s right leg was injured when he tried to save Newton from the trap. The dangerous situation had brought out his potential to escape the hole in one piece eventually. After that, Newton found a medic room to treat his wound and take out the arrowhead.

        “Em…” Newton murmured. He looked very exhausted as his eyelids and footsteps were heavy.

        “Are you okay,” Darwin worried.

        Although his mind was occupied with drowsiness, Newton still pressed on. “I’m...fine...Let’s continue…”

        “Newton, don’t push yourself too hard. You just consumed much of your stamina getting me out. We don’t know about the danger lying ahead. That’s why you need to get enough rest.”


        “No more talking!” Darwin stood up and pushed Newton to the bed. “I’ll stay right beside you. Just rest.”

        “O-okay.” Usually, he would not accept people’s kindness. Darwin was an exception, so he listened to his words and lied down. It took Newton less than 3 seconds to fall asleep.

        “Sigh, this boy had to make a scene even if it’s just a nap…” Looking at Newton who was sleeping with a frown, Darwin shook his head and suspired. Then, he gently rubbed Newton’s brows to relax his muscle with his index finger, making him looking like the way a child should do.


        Suddenly, a huge noise came from the door. Attracted by it, Darwin walked over there out of curiosity, and saw a shadow sweep across a side road.

        “That is…” Darwin had a bad feeling, so started chasing the mysterious shadow. However, all he found was nothing but a dead end.

        “...Newton!” Darwin soon noticed there was something wrong about it. He ran back to the medic room —— Newton was still sleeping. As he was about to heave a sigh of relief, a light sphere similar to the size of a fist popped out in the mid air.

        The sphere was vividly dazzling. It was overwhelming enough to blow people’s minds away; But for Darwin, it brought out the fear deep down his heart.

        “It’s his ability...I can’t let him hurt Newton!” Darwin shouted as he raised his metal right arm. The elements around were sucked into the test tube of his arm instantly, colliding with the substance within to emit an unusual light. Then, it went upward, sending to his feet.

        “Boost!” shouted Darwin. The elements stored in his body exploded and coated his legs in a spiral. In a flash, Newton was being held into his arms miraculously.


        After a sharp sound, the bed that Newton had laid on was vanished into thin air.

        A man walked out with a round of applause. “Looks like I’m late. By the way, your reaction truly amazes me. Suck up elements within few seconds to strengthen the power of your feet, and travel at the speed of ultra light. Just wow!” said the man smiling.

        “Copernicus, I don’t have time joking around. What are you trying to do? This isn’t what we agreed at the beginning.” Darwin acted out of his straightforward character, confronting him with a pout.

        “Nothing. I’m just interested in that boy and want to study him. Isn’t it normal as a researcher?”

        “Normal? You just cast a compressed elemental sphere over the boy. You could’ve killed him!”

        “...Alright alright. My bad. I’m leaving.” Copernicus shook his shoulders, walking to the door slowly. When he was about to go past Darwin, he stopped. Darwin, who protected Newton with reflexes, did not drop his guard.

        “Oh yes. I don’t care what you’re planning to, but don’t disturb my research.” Copernicus gave him a hollow gaze. Darwin did not say a word, but simply followed with his eyes.

        As Copernicus left, Darwin finally relieved, put Newton back to another bed, and lay on a sofa in a state of exhaustion. Newton had been sleeping for the entire time. It was until now he could finally drop his guard. At the same time, his consciousness was getting blurry…

        “Hey! Wake up!” Pain in the cheek came along with a call, waking up Darwin from his dream. Looking at Newton’s face closely, it reminded him of what had just happened to himself.

        “I fell asleep?” He scratched his messy hair with a yawn.

        “Yes.” Newton sat upright crossing his arms. “Aren’t you supposed to keep tabs on the door? Jeez.”

        “Relax. At least we’ve been blessed by luck along the way.” Darwin bounced up and stretched his right leg. The wound seemed recovered. “Okay, enough for rest. Let’s continue our way out,” Darwin said as he patted Newton on the shoulder.

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