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        The sky was covered with grey clouds. Something seemed to be brewing. A purple figure sprinted past the land; the grass was swaying in the wind. Before long, she arrived at an eastern mountain.
        Taking a few leaps, she turned a somersault and climbed up to the summit. Then, she balanced on the ground, slowly walked towards the edge of the cliffs and gazed at the vast land she had just passed through.
        The land was fertile, but full of metal tubes. Inside which there were colourful lights flowing, as if countless rainbows rolled out on the ground. This breathtaking scene did not amaze her, but made her frown instead.
        “These vessels...I guess I’ll never get used to them.” She glanced at the earth in disgust, “It’s really disgusting.”
        “Sister?” A girl voice came from behind. Turning around, Schnauzer saw a shabby young girl. Compared with her mechanical body, the girl was emaciated. Schnauzer’s eyes lingered over her for a while before she spoke.
        “Radha, are those guys ready?”
        “Mind your words, sister. They’re the Eldus... Calling them “guys” are kind of impolite. If they heard it, you’ll definitely be abandoned,” Radha looked left and right nervously.
        “Don’t worry. They won’t know. Unlike the mech troops, they can’t use vessels to transfer messages.”
        “You...even though you’ve become mechanical from human, you still want to confront the Eldus as before?” Radha bowed her head with a worrying look. The surge of fear lingered in her heart.
        “Because of them, I became less human,” Schnauzer responded with a note of sarcasm in her voice.
        “...Well, I can’t help it if you insist on your thought. I’m just here to send you a message, from the Eldus.” Then, Radha raised her head, “It is all ready. As long as you give a signal, the Eldus will march on the mechanical city - Oroz with the Earthlings.
        “Understood. Let’s proceed as planned.” Schnauzer nodded at Radha, reached out her hand, and tried to touch her hair like before. However, Radha stepped back and looked at Schnauzer’s mechanical arm fearfully.
        “Radha...” Schnauzer got dejected because of her move. They used to be inseparable, but now everything is changed. Radha was afraid of her.
        “I...have to go. Otherwise, the Eldus will be angry.” Radha turned around and left. Schnauzer simply gazed at her back, without saying a word. Her mind was having an unexplainable feeling; it felt like lepathy, as if the thoughts of the mechanical kind were shared with each other.
        Since Schnauzer was mechanized, this situation was getting more frequent. She felt disgusted, just like she saw those ugly vessels. She shook her head, trying to get rid of the bizarre feeling. Then, Schnauzer jumped off the mountain and went back to a metal building. At this moment, a mechanical guard came over——
        “Schnauzer, you finished the patrol? Thanks for the hard work.”
        “Not at all. It’s peaceful these days. I don’t mind exercising,” Schnauzer responded in a flat tone, a far cry from the guard’s enthusiasm. “How is your body?” The guard asked about her.
        “Quite Good. It has already been half a year since that day. If I still can’t get used to it, I would have been abandoned for sure——”
        “You’re one of us! You won’t be dumped!”
        “I’m not blaming you.” The guard continued with a smile as he waved his hands, “Half year huh. I still remembered when Pompeii brought you back, you were severely injured. Everybody thought you could not make it, but...I guess it’s because of the miraculous power of “Monesis”.”
        “Am I...a miracle?”
        “Of course! Thanks to “Monesis”, you got rid of your Earthling’s identity. It’s a huge blessing, don’t you think?”
        “...Right, I was treated as a tool when I was Earthling. It’s a great insult to me,” Schnauzer pouted her lips. “Ah, sorry for bringing up this topic…” the guard apologized hastily.
        “Never mind.” Schnauzer gazed at him with a bizarre sneer. “Because I’m gonna destroy the peace!”
        Schnauzer threw a punch on the kinetic core on the guard’s chest. As the core was connected to his consciousness, taking a heavy strike would result in short circuit and falling into a faint.
        After hiding the body, Schnauzer headed to the entrance to Oroz, the underground mechanical city. Usually, the entrance was closely guarded and full of vessels. Breaking into it was never an easy task. However——
        Schnauzer walked into a security room nearby. There was a metal box, inside which the copper tubes circuits were coiled into a sphere. These were the circuits. As soon as they were destroyed, the vessels connected to them near the entrance would be malfunctioned.
        “The people said they can change me back to an original form, but I know it’s all lies. Even though I betray the mech troops, I still can’t recover my human body...I’m a mess already, and I won’t mind the whole world is turning into chaos.”
        Schnauzer showed a twisted yet desperate smile. She conjured a dark elemental blade and cut off the circuits——