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        Elizabeth killed Jack as a result of an accident. Jack’s demon blood granted him the ability to engulf other souls to remold his body. His resurrection was realized at the price of his memories. In his remaining fragments of memory, he only remembered that a woman was waiting for him. During his rehabilitation, his lost memories began to reappear. Then, he had a vision through elemental power…
        ’This corpse is barely recognizable...The work of a cold-blooded murderer,’ Cuff crouched and commented on the crime scene. The agent working alongside him could not help vomiting. Cuff straightened up and looked around. Blood tainted the room. Cuff could imagine how the victim had been brutally slaughtered. ‘The victim’s face was smashed to conceal his identity. The culprit must be someone he knew.’ ‘That’s not the case.’ An adolescent’s voice sounded from a cold alley. A young man in a yellow suit and hat stepped out of the alley. He stood before the corpse and crouched. The detectives were familiar with this adolescent, so they did not stop him.
        The adolescent walked to Cuff and stared around. He said, ‘The whole body is intact except for the face. The clothes, ID card, and personal belongings weren’t stolen. The victim wasn’t killed by someone he knew. The murderer destroyed the face only to misguide our investigation.’ ‘In that case, the culprit is…’ ‘That’s right. The culprit is the serial killer who has been very active recently.’ ‘Quick! We need more men on patrol!’ Cuff said while pulling Johnny away. The adolescent continued inspecting the corpse alone.
        ’Who is he?’ asked Johnny. Cuff glanced at the adolescent and answered, ‘His name is Jack, a detective who helps us to solve cases.’ Johnny and Cuff left with the other agents. Jack took a closer look. His plastic smile fell into a disgusted frown. ‘What a shame! Death should always give aesthetic pleasure…’ Jack shook his head to escape from the thought. “It’s happening again...This kind of thinking is psychopathic. Why am I thinking like a deranged murderer?”
        That night, Jack cruised through the alleys. He deduced that the culprit would make a move tonight in one of the alleys. Suddenly, screaming came from an alley ahead! Jack darted to the noise, but it was too late. A giant man holding a blade stood in front of a corpse covered with blood and slashes. The killer was stunned by Jack’s sudden appearance at first, but bloodlust soon filled his eyes.
        ’More prey.’ The man sneered as he raised his blade and charged at Jack! ‘Drop your weapon!’ Jack gathered elemental power to threaten the killer, but the man’s bloodlust had drowned out Jack’s warning. Jack sidestepped the man’s slash. The tip of the blade drew a line of blood on Jack’s arm. “This dude is too far gone to salvage!” Elemental power wrapped around Jack’s hands and launched at the man. The impact threw the man into the wall, which cracked immediately. The man slumped down and his eyes rolled as blood gushed out of his wounds.
        ’It’s Jack! What just happened?’ The resonant blow alerted the nearby agents. Jack replied, ‘This man is the culprit responsible for the recent homicides. His newest victim is lying in the alley. This killer attacked me all of a sudden. I had no choice but to fight back…’ ‘It’s okay. We understand. We finally caught this serial killer thanks to you.’ The agents began investigating the scene and made records. Moments later, they asked Jack to watch the scene while they requested for more agents from the sergeant to facilitate evidence collection.
        After the agents were gone, Jack laid eyes on the corpse again. ‘Death should be something more beautiful.’ With that said, he licked his lips. The agents had not charged him with murder as he had expected. It had been deemed “justifiable homicide”. Jack realized that killing was not necessarily evil. Since then, Jack developed a deeper interest in investigating homicides, but it was not out of curiosity anymore. Sugar-coated with “justifiable homicide”, catching culprits became his means of pursuing the ultimate beauty of death. Jack continued to solve difficult cases and gained a heroic reputation among the villagers. Jack’s true colors remained concealed from everyone…
        “The beauty of death is the only thing that can satiate my bottomless hunger. Cold bodies, frozen blood, dilated pupils...These are all I yearn for...