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        “Who am I?” The man asked the God loudly.

        “Fate likes to mess with people. Jack, has your memory of who you are really gone?” The God asked in reply frustratingly.

        “My name is... Jack?” The man lowered his head to look at his hands.

        Following Osiris, Jack arrived at the magic portal to paradise. Despite the ambiguous nature of their existence between life and death, it is irrefutable that Demons possess souls like Humans. However, Osiris never allowed the likes of Gods or Demons to enter paradise. When he wanted to expatriate Jack’s soul, Jack went crazy. ‘Jack, don’t leave me!’ The power in Jack’s soul suddenly surged upwards. Like a black hole, he started absorbing all other souls around him, gradually transforming himself from a disembodied soul to a physical being.

        Jack left in a mad state. Looking at him, Osiris could do nothing but sigh.

        Jack did not know anything except his name. Walking bemused into a small town, he wandered aimlessly around the street. All of a sudden, he heard a scream. Following the sound, he went into an alley and saw a woman and a girl surrounded by a gang of ruffians.

        “Please, let her go!”

        “Wench! You can’t repay the debt even if we sell the two of you! Alright! Let’s have some fun with you as interest for your debt.”

        Then, the ruffians pushed the woman onto the ground, about to take her against her will. Jack’s mind suddenly cleared. He could instinctively feel that he must stop the ruffians. That instinct was called gentleman-ship.

        “Hey pal, it’s none of your bus...”

        The ruffian never finished his sentence; Jack had already plunged his bare hands through the ruffian's chest, freezing all in the alley with horror. A brief moment later, all that remained of the ruffians were their corpses lying in the alley, chests cut open. Jack looked at his hands and murmured to himself.

        “What is this feeling? Why is it so beautiful?”

        Jack turned his head to look at the mother and daughter cringing in the corner. Slowly, he walked towards them...... Jack stepped out of the alley, leaving two more disemboweled corpses inside...

        “Blood and hearts... Why are they so beautiful?” — Death Artist Jack.