There was once a person who begged Endor to offer a song for the souls of the deceased. However, Endor refused for she was not a good singer. The person could not help himself crying. The young druid who came by was willing to play a song for the dead. He took out his flute and slowly played a pastoral song. As Endor listened to the melody, she hummed along. However, the song expressed no grief, instead it gave the mood of a journey. Those who listened to the song could only force themselves smiling, and pay tributes to the souls of the deceased under the music...

        “May the souls set out for their way to return.”

        Endor the necromancer and her companions were honored as the heroes of human. They prevented the Demons from capturing Enochian Tower and even climbed up to where the tower was broken. Both Endor and her companions sacrificed their lives fighting against the chaos, bringing a peaceful era to the realm of men.

        In the ancient times, those who had lost their lives in the war between Gods and Demons had been crying in the realm of men. They were abandoned by the Gods and had lost their way to return to heaven. In order to help the deceased souls, Endor decided to release the seal of Enochian Tower, so the souls could once again set off, thus the everlasting cycle of spirits could be restored. However, her companion wanted to reinforce the seal of the tower in order to end the conspiracy of the Demons. Both Endor and her companions understood that they merely were heading off to different directions while their common wish had never changed.

        They determined the future of the seal with their power of elements, submitting to the will of Runestones. Endor allowed herself to be surrounded by the elements of darkness. She used the bones of an ancient beast as a medium to control the deceased souls to fight. She tapped the Runestones in order to activate the power of the dark elements.

        In the battle that she fought her companions at the Ocean of Gates, the power of nature and deceased souls collided violently. Endor saw the souls fighting against the power of mother nature as they faded away. One after another, those souls that followed her prayers were engulfed by the elements. A sudden onset of anguish overwhelmed Endor, which distracted her from giving directions to the souls, resulting in her defeat by her companion.

        “It is not time yet.” Endor heard a voice that seemed to be coming from heaven. In confusion, Endor saw an angel in his grey armor standing in front of the gate of heaven, where the souls were waiting for her. Over the years, Endor had never forgotten the oath. She flew into the dark elements. Together with the power of Runestones, she had been patiently waiting for the chosen one who could eventually bring the chaos to an end.

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