Somewhere deep inside the forest, there was a mansion where Li Ji lived. She was sophisticatedly hanging the laundry up for drying; It didn’t take Li Ji very long to get everything done. When she was feeling satisfied looking at her hard work, an uninvited guest ruined her effort.

        A beautiful lady barged into the private property. Not only pulling all the laundry down but she stamped on them, leaving dirty footprints on the clothes. Then she walked up to Li Ji and threw her attitude, “give me back my husband! You old witch!”

        Looking at the dirty clothes, Li Ji couldn’t help but frowned; Still, she maintained her politeness and asked, “excuse me, but I don’t think I know you…”

        “Humph! You’re talking to the wife of the top scorer in the imperial exam!”

        “So she is No. 13’s wife,” Li Ji thought. Then she greeted the lady with a polite bow. “Nice to meet you. Please forgive my rudeness,” said Li Ji.

        “Save it, you fake woman,” said the lady who was aggressive to Li Ji. “Someone saw you seducing my husband, and you kidnapped him in here!”

        “I think we have a misunderstanding. All I want is to help. I let him stay because he had no place to spend the night after you kicked him out. I didn’t mean to take him away from you.”

        “Nonsense! He always loves and cares about me. If it wasn’t for you, he would’ve come back to me already!”

        “This fight is meaningless. I’m gonna bring him over there. You can do whatever you want as long as he agrees,” said Li Ji, heaving a sigh.

        “Sure. He’ll come back to me once he sees me.”

        “No. 13, come to mama,” Li Ji said with her voice slightly raised. Before the lady could ask about Li Ji’s strange wordings, the man had already arrived next to Li Ji.

        “Mum, can I help you?” The man looked at Li Ji like a needy child; He only realised the lady’s presence when Li Ji pointed at her.

        The moment when the lady saw the man, her expression went from furious to loving. “Honey, why don’t you go home? I miss you so much…” said the lady tearfully.

        Yet the man wasn’t even moved a bit, looking at his wife like a stranger. Meanwhile, the lady went over to hold his hand as she sensed something wrong. “I won’t push you to take the bribes. Just go home, can we?”

        “No. I’m staying with mum,” said the man, holding Li Ji’s hand like an innocent child. And the lady pissed off when Li Ji patted his head gently.

        “Your mother died long time ago! This old witch isn’t——AH!” The lady got slapped hard by her husband before she could finish the sentence.

        “Shut your mouth! Don’t you dare curse at my mother!” The man was furious.

        “You just hit me…” The startled lady trembled as she touched her swelling cheek. “It’s YOU! You must have casted a spell on my husband! I’m gonna kill you!” The lady yelled at Li Ji, blaming everything on her.

        Li Ji retained her smile even when the lady was pouncing on her, because she knew what would happen next——Someone restrained the lady in hysteria.

        “Thanks for protecting me, No. 8,” Li Ji thanked a handsome teenager.

        “No worries, mum. It’s our obligations as your sons,” No. 8 said as he looked at a dozen of men in different ages, who all looked at Li Ji with the same needy gaze.

        “This is...You are...messed up...You nut jobs...WHOAAA——!” The frightened lady ran away like a scared prey, leaving the giggling Li Ji and her “sons”.

        Looking at the men standing in front of her, the contented Li Ji smiled at them with love.

        “My dearest sons, we’ll stay with each other forever no matter what happens.”

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