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        At the entrance of Gods’ hall, Kukulkan received Fafnir’s order to attack Human intruders, and did so until a dragon of dark elemental power suddenly appeared in front of them. Fafnir’s wave of attacks began the fight between the three dragons who all possessed the Elder Gods’ power.

        With a shield in hand, Kukulkan protected Fafnir from the dark dragon’s first wave of attacks. He had no knowledge of the relationship between Fafnir and the dark dragon, but he knew that he had to help Fafnir accomplish her goal. Kukulkan helped Fafnir and blitzed the dark dragon; their attacks’ impact almost destroyed the entire hall! Knowing that the dark dragon was out of power to fight, Fafnir could not help but sneer at it, but was surprised to see the dark dragon unleash its hidden potential. Fafnir and Kukulkan no longer had the advantage of fighting two against one — the dark dragon could now rival their power.

        At the same time, the arrival of Courts of Zodiacs boosted the Humans’ morale and power. With the Courts of Zodiacs’ help, Summoners could finally breach the Gods’ line of defense and enter the hall. Witnessing the dragon ally courageously fighting Fafnir and Kukulkan, the Summoners beckoned heroic spirits to help with their ally. Left with no choice, Kukulkan had to split his attention to focus on handling the attacks from the heroic spirits.

        “Darn!” Fafnir conjured light elements to deflect the dark dragon’s elemental blades, but the blades were significantly more powerful than before. The enormous use of power had already left Fafnir weak; the dark blades now rendered her powerless to fight back.

        The Summoners gradually figured out Kukulkan’s attack pattern, and were able to channel their power into the heroic spirits while dodging his lethal strikes. The pace of people sacrificing themselves slowed down. Heroic spirits even cooperated with each other under the guidance of the Summoners and launched powerful attacks at Kukulkan. This war of attrition gradually overwhelmed Kukulkan, but as he thought about Fafnir fighting the dark dragon, he dared not let any accidents occur.

        The dark dragon’s counterattacks, the Courts of Zodiacs’ arrival, and the Summoners’ cooperation were all turning the tide of the battle away from the Gods and the two dragons. Suddenly, a dragon’s bellow reverberated in the hall — Fafnir was unable to defend herself from the dark dragon’s attack. Her arm was wounded, blood gushing out of it. The blood even splashed onto Kukulkan!

        “Roar — ” Deafening bellows were shaking the Gods’ hall. The two dragons were wailing in resonance, manifesting Fafnir’s resentment and Kukulkan’s worry for her. All was almost rendered unconscious by the howls.

         During the thunderous roars, Kukulkan dashed between Fafnir and the dark dragon: ‘How dare you hurt Fafnir! That’s unforgivable!’

        Immense anger triggered the Elder Gods’ power within the gem that resided in Kukulkan’s body, causing him to further merge with the gem. Myriad water elements engulfed Kukulkan; the cold air that surrounded the battlefield gathered on his dragon body and turned into freezing ice. When the ice shattered, Kukulkan emerged into an entirely new form. He flapped his wings, created a snow blizzard, and darted toward the dark dragon. His icy spear and sword were aiming directly at his enemy’s head!