17.3 Primal Deities Story Ch. 4

        The northern end of the realm had a spiritual mountain, where the peak was called “Heavenly Kingdom”, a wonder embraced by aroma of flowers and lush greenery. Enveloped in the pneuma, this place was perfect for practicers in terms of energy circulation. Therefore, many assembled here to study asceticism.

        Taiyi, an ascetic, walked around the Heavenly Kingdom until he reached bottomless cliffs. However, he had no intention to stop at all. When he was about to step on nothing, the purple-red ribbons tied on his arms began to intertwine, weaving a floating staircase for him.

        He went up the stairs to a hidden floating stone overgrown with trees behind the cliffs. Huge plants resembling a cage erected in front of him. The cage was made of stout tree roots, which were already withered without signs of vitality. There was a burly beast falling into a deep slumber inside.

        “It has grown up that big. I’m afraid the seal won’t hold any longer…,” Taiyi said but wore no worries in his face and tone. To be exact, he was carrying no emotion, stating like an observer.

        “Anyways, strengthen the seal’s power first.”

        Closing his eyes, Taiyi turned dark element into ribbons clinging to the withered roots. Such act had awaken the beast from dream. It let out a roar echoing through the Heavenly Kingdom. Resonating with the beast, another roar sounded.

        “...There will be unrest in the Heavenly Kingdom.” He closed his eyes, “we can only follow the tide…”

        As the thing was done, Taiyi prepared to go back. When he returned to the cliffs, his sight was blacked out in all of a sudden. Usually people would be scared and screamed out, but Taiyi remained exceptionally calm.

        “Guess who I am?” A voice of a lady sounded in the darkness.

        “Nüwa, only you dare to do so in this place.”

        “I knew I can’t hide anything from you, brother Taiyi. You’re omniscient.” As she let go of her hands, Taiyi’s vision was back to normal. Nüwa, a gorgeous lady, stood in front of him with her hands in the back.

        “No one knows everything. Omniscience is just an arrogance.”

        “Sigh, don’t be a stiff. By the way, what are you doing before the cliffs? Anything cool? I just see clouds.” Nüwa placed her hand on the forehead and looked far into the distance.

        “Nothing. Anyways, shouldn’t you be practicing,” Taiyi coldly answered but shifted the topic in a subtle way.

        “An old woman came here for elixir to cure her seriously-ill son. Everyone was ignoring her though. So I couldn’t bear but to give her some.”

        “Nüwa, this is against the rules of our master. Return the elixir.”

        “No!” Nüwa stomped angrily, “you keep saying master over and over all the time. I don’t care! Do you want me to fold my arms and do nothing!? I’ll help no matter what you said!”

        Nüwa ran away furiously; Taiyi remained unmoved, seeing her out.

        “Her sense of justice is too strong. There is only black and white in her mind...She is not ready to take on the responsibility for possessing power…”

        Heaving a deep sigh, Taiyi went back to a residence in the center of the Heavenly Kingdom. When he walked into the bedroom, someone was coughing badly. Shennong, lying on the bed, was the master who created the Heavenly Kingdom and taught them ascetic practice.

        Taiyi bowed to Shennong. “Master, I inspected the place. That seal can’t hold them long. We better act fast.”

        “Understood. I have my own plan.” Shennong got up, “If the situation goes out of control, I’ll top stop it with my life. I’ve lived long enough anyway.”

        Taiyi remained quiet, because he did not agree with Shennong; but retort was not an option in terms of authority either, so Taiyi could only change the topic.

        “Are you really not gonna see brother Xingtian? He’ll be on trial tomorrow.”

        “He is not your brother, but a sinful traitor.”

        “But he did those all for you!” Seldom to express his emotions, Taiyi shouted agitatedly. Shocked at first, Shennong restrained himself to respond, “even so, it doesn’t mean he is right.”


        “I’ve made up my mind. No more discussions. Go back.” Tired out, Shennong waved his hand.

        Taiyi was helpless to obey the command and walked out of the bedroom. He looked at the stars twinkling in the sky; the light was crimson yet ominous.

        “What am I supposed to do? Should I follow the fate guided by astrology, or…” He reached out his hands towards the dazzling red stars. “rewrite the destiny…”

        Nothing but silence responded to Taiyi’s hesitation, as if it was telling him that only he could decide his own fate...

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