“Wheeze…” Running out of power, Delta struggled to creep forward. As a Machina, although breathing did not help matters, she just had an instinct for doing so.

        As the cave exit was getting closer and closer, the wind became stronger. She was blinded by the dazzling sunlight for a while. Delta felt the sun for the first time since she was born, “Finally, I’m on the ground…”

        Recalling the war-torn Oroz, broken buildings in the city and comrades in the old days who had become piles of metal scraps due to the invasion, she started tearing sorrowfully.

        Delta’s kinetic core began to slow down; the lights on her metal parts were fading away. She knelt down on the ground and bowed her head.

        “It would be nice if time could reverse…”

        The ritual area made of stone was full of life. Vines clung to each pillar like spider web; flowers nourished by elements were all along the way in sewers. Stone arches and walls were inlaid with metal and crisscross vessels. All these reflected the uniqueness of Machinas.

        Delta was invited by Bahamut and Behemoth to join a party. Beforehand, she even learnt a simple yet beautiful song from Zana, a highly-respected musician, for this particular occasion, in order to share the joy with them.

        Delta had a detailed check on the pipe organ behind an altar. Her entire body was almost stuffed into the organ pipe and stuck by her mechanical parts. When Bahamut and Behemoth saw her awkward pose, they pulled her out while teasing at her.

        Bahamut, dragon race, and Behemoth, beast race, actually lived in different places, but they always visited Oroz. Thanks to Zana’s music show, Delta met both of them and became good friends that transcended the races.

        “Hey Delta, I heard that Zana has composed a score for her encounter with Monesis, right? She said she can feel its words. What is the name of the score again…?” Behemoth was lying on the carpet and eating fruit prepared by Delta.

        Bahamut had a sip of the wine and answered, “it’s called Whisper of Monesis.”

        “Oh, right! Whisper of Monesis. I saw her perform a part of the score once before, but everyone said it’s not just an usual music. It has a mysterious power within!” Behemoth recalled and got excited about the experience.

        “I heard it too! However, when it comes to the score, she just refuses to tell us the meaning of it. She insists us comprehend the music on our own.” Delta set up the musical instrument for her performance.

        Apart from the pipe organ, there were harp and brass instruments on the altar. With her back facing Bahamut and Behemoth, Delta took a deep breath. She initiated her kinetic core; crimson light was flowing to her ankle, then to fingertips. The kinetic core was connected to the instrument and the light began to transfer to it. Music was performed automatically when Delta controlled her core power.

        With her conducting, the music changed accordingly, Allegro, Adagio, Grandioso, Dolce, all in her control. The beautiful melody echoed through the ritual area. Even the vessels around were affected by her performance, giving out a soft light.

        Revelling in the music, Bahamut and Behemoth started dancing regardless of their bulky body sizes. Ground was shaking; dew from the flowers on both sides poured over the floor, forming a spring. Took a sip, chilled out and enjoyed the party. How wonderful!

        With the last bit of energy left, Delta could not move anymore. She was only able to playback those happy memories in her mind, again and again.

        As her consciousness gradually faded away, the landscape of the ritual area, music performance, or even the faces of Bahamut and Behemoth were turned into scattered pieces…

        “My time has come…”

        At this moment, she heard a song from afar, a song that was moving yet familiar, just like——

        “Miss Zana?”

        The voice was getting closer and closer. Its rhyme was full of life, full of energy, which started to affect her kinetic core. Elemental power filled her entire body, emitting strong, dazzling crimson light.

        “Are you okay?” A man’s voice came into ears. He was the one who just sang.

        “It’s not Zana…”

        Delta opened her eyes and saw a man try to wake her up. It was a miracle that not only consciousness, her body was brought back to life. She look the male elf who dressed like a bard up and down. “Why my core is reactivated...Do you know Zana," she asked curiously.

        The elf answered as he tapped a beat with his fingers. “You look young. I’m surprised that you know my ancestor.”

        “Zana is your ancestor? How could...Then it means she has already...Wait! The song you just performed...Is it the Whisper of Monesis?”

        “Right, but it’s just a part of it. As for my ancestor, I know little about her. I only care about the score though.”

        “Then why do you save me and tell me about the score...Maybe I’ll steal it from you.” Delta was puzzled.

        “Because you’ve been holding this.” He pointed the part that she held on tight and continued, “and you’re no match for me, haha.”

        The metal part was the key to activate the pipe organ. Protecting it was the mission of Delta and also the hope of Machina. She must carry on the will of Pompeii and found the way to wake them up, saving their declining kind. Delta sought for his help sincerely. “You know what it means to me. I guess our goal is the same. Please, help me...I’m Delta by the way.”

        Sonata told his name and accepted her request. “Let me make it clear. I seldom get involved into race affairs. This time I help you simply because I want the lost part of the score.”

        To Delta, she was no longer alone on her journey to revive her kind, just like the good old days when she had friends around with her.

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