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        A lady in an emerald embroidery dress was walking on a bustling street. Lü Zhi covered half of her face with a silk handkerchief. From the beauty of her gaits, eyes and tip of brow, it was not hard to tell she was the daughter of a noble from a well-mannered family.

        “Oh my, I found him!” A tall, handsome man had attracted Lü Zhi’s eyeballs. Not only herself, all ladies passing by shifted their attention to this man. “Ahhh...He is as hot as always today. I feel like my heart is pounding out of my chest. My goodness I love him so much,” Lü Zhi, unable to take her eyes off the man, whispered with a blush.

        She tailed him secretly all the way through the street. Without looking away from the man, Lü Zhi followed closely, regardless of running into anyone who stood in her way.

        “He walked into the store...It’s a jewelry shop. Is he——” Lü Zhi peeped at the man nervously, and she saw him checking out with a hairpin at the cash counter.

        “It’s my favorite pearl hairpin...I knew it. He’s gonna propose to me with that. This must be a surprise for me, haha.” Lü Zhi smiled sweetly, surrounding herself with a joyful vibe. “I better not kill the mood. I’m gonna pretend to be clueless about it and wait for him at home.” Returning home, Lü Zhi dressed up with a chignon to get well prepared for this exquisite hairpin.

        Yet a week had passed and Lü Zhi never saw the man proposing at her. Her expectation went down the drain gradually; Loneliness started filling up her soul.

        “Why? My dear, why don’t you come to see me?” She sighed woefully, “perhaps he is sick? I gotta find him!”

        Lü Zhi put on makeup to brighten up herself. As she arrived at the man’s mansion, what she saw was totally out of her expectation——The man put the pearl hairpin onto another lady’s hair. With a shy look, she then kissed him goodbye, but the man seemed reluctant to see her out, gently touching where the kiss left on his cheek.

        The scene provoked Lü Zhi; a mixed feeling of anger and sorrow were pouring out of her heart. “You jerk! How dare you cheat on me,” she grabbed his collar and yelled.

        Trembling with anger, Lü Zhi broke down and sobbed. Everyone would take pity on her heartache, except this man who was impervious to her sadness. “Lady, I don’t know you. You must have mistaken me for someone else,” he grimmed.

        “I’ve loved you since a long time ago, but never thought that you’re unfaithful in love!”

        “Looks like we have a misunderstanding...Anyways, I have a lover Please behave yourself.” Annoyed, the man left after leaving his words. Then, he was stunned by a blunt force hitting on the head from behind.

        Lü Zhi, holding a hammer, helped him up as she touched his face gently. “Baby, you must have bewitched by that slut. Worry not. I’m here to help you,” she whispered in his ear.

        “You...——” The injured man wanted to escape, but passed out due to the severe wound. A good while, a sharp noise hit his ears. The man woke up and found himself tied up in a dark room with a faint light.

        At this moment, the sharp noise stopped. A curvaceous figure approached the man with a grin. “Baby, you woke up finally,” Lü Zhi smiled.

        “Why are you doing this to me!? You maniac, let me go!” The man shouted desperately.

        “Baby, I know it. You only throw your attitude at me because you’re mad at my cold shoulder.” A blush came into Lü Zhi’s cheeks. “But be patient my sweetheart. As long as I turn you into one of them, you won’t be able to make me sad anymore.”

        “Them?” The man had a bad feeling about this. Then, he shifted his attention to something behind Lü Zhi, which traumatized him with a horrible scene——The room was placed with a dozen of urns, served as containers of different men’s body parts.

        “AHHHHH——!” The man screamed in terror, soiling his pants out of control. “Please, I beg you. Let-let me go. I’ll do whatever you say——”

        “No way, ‘cause you made me angry. I’m gonna punish you.”

        Regardless of his begging, Lü Zhi grinned from ear to ear. She raised a chopper which was just ground during his faint, hummed a love song and chopped——

        As a silver gleam reflected on the blade, the man gave a horrible shriek. As her action kept on and on, the man’s voice became weaker and weaker, until a dead silence.

        “Phew, so exhausting. Spoiling my baby is totally tiring.” Blood shed all over her dress. Taking a deep breath of the reek of blood, Lü Zhi sat down cross legged, stretched her body and looked around.

        “Oh yes! This smell...I can feel it. I can feel your love to me. And I’m happy that you all are here with me.” With a blush, Lü Zhi opened her arms as if she wanted a hug from those dead bodies, but all she got was nothing but silence...