Born from Azathoth, Daoloth began a journey of creation. During which, followers joined it to create the land of life together, but Azathoth’s insistence on destruction kept the universe looping around a vicious circle.
        Eventually, Daoloth and its followers created the realm, more perfect than ever. Despite their relentless effort, something unexpected happened——Daoloth underestimated its own corruption.
        Because of the insuppressible emptiness, it gobbled up Arwassa, its most faithful follower. Although the hollowness was filled a little and its sanity was brought back to peace, Daoloth was aware that its soul would soon collapse.
        To avoid the same fault happening again, Daoloth came to a hidden pit as advised by Ubbo the follower, where it decided to make a creation for one last time.
        A huge noise together with a violent earthquake had disturbed its creation of rivers. Daoloth straightened its body heading towards the source of the noise, where Daoloth found Azathoth lying on the barren land.
        Its humongous body caved in the moist land, but Azathoth could not care less about it as an unprecedented agony was torturing its mind. Azathoth, with a twisted face, kept tearing off its skin like a maniac.
        “What the hell is going on? My soul hurts... What is this damn feeling...Roarrr——!”
        Driven mad, Azathoth was struggling while tearing its hard skin with claws, in an attempt to alleviate the mental torture with physical pain. But it was of no avail, and all these things were captured in the eyes of Daoloth.
        “It is Azathoth, the very opposite of me, born to destroy. And we’re destined to go against each other...I want to understand it...Why do I have such an urge within…”
        Daoloth embraced its own body; skin became moist because of sweat. It was hard to resist a feeling that had never experienced before. Therefore, Daoloth moved towards Azathoth. Its hesitant pace soon became hurried.
        Unable to control the inner desire, Daoloth embraced Azathoth with its slithery body. Then, the power of destruction was connecting the both.
        “This is you, Azathoth. I can finally touch you.”

        Under tremendous pain, Azathoth was not aware of something coming over, until it was in its embrace. Instinctively, it wanted to destroy that “thing”, but eventually stopped the killing intent——The agony lingering within had completely gone; for the first time in its life, its instinct for destruction was soothed.
        It was Azathoth’s first time to find peace in its soul, truly an intriguing feeling. Raising its head looking at the thing, Azathoth saw the other “self” that it had been yearning for —— Daoloth!
        Daoloth’s reflection was shown in the eyes of Azathoth; the encounter had touched its heart. “Damn it! Why did you save me? I’ve been cursing you, trying to destroy you all along,” Azathoth could not help cursing.
        “Likewise, I’ve been observing you, creating for you.” With just a blink, sprouts shot from the moist soil everywhere; blinking another one, Daoloth made those sprouts blossom.
        “This is our instinct…”
        “Instinct…” Azathoth turned around in puzzlement and tried to touch the flower with its right claw. But the fact proved it impossible. Those flowers it touched withered instantly. Usually it was an unpleasant truth to know. However, Azathoth felt absolute delight in the heart. Then, it began to understand Daoloth’s words, wearing a smile on its face like a human.
        “Right, I want to destroy this damn instinct so bad! Darned Daoloth, the opposite of me, teach me how to create!”
        Daoloth nodded at its nonsense, as if it had already known all this was bound to come. Under its guidance, Azathoth tried to get rid of the control of destruction and learn to create.
        Azathoth imitated Daoloth to make all sorts of organic life, bird, flower, beast and etc, but either it was flawed or failed…
        Despite the imperfection of its creation, it did bring new power into the realm. On the other hand, Azathoth began to teach Daoloth to destroy.
        One day, Daoloth came to the rim of the realm in an attempt to expand the whole world. No matter how hard it tried, new land always came off, unable to integrate into the realm. Having been through 1,600 failure, Azathoth finally interrupted.
        “Don’t waste your time. It won’t work!”
        “Then what should I do?”
        “Destroy. You have to destroy this damn place first.”
        “...It doesn’t make sense. Why should I destroy before creation?”
        “Damn, just listen to my words.” Explaining was not Azathoth’s strength, so it grabbed Daoloth’s forefoot to the edge of the land directly. The touch made Daoloth feel Azathoth’s power, and knew its injury had been fully recovered.
        While it was pondering, Azathoth opened its mouth; and torrid magma came out in spurts, melting down the land.
        “Daoloth, do your damn work now!”
        Then, it gave out iridescent breath to cover the melted edge. Soon it accumulated into a whole new land. This time, it did not come off but perfectly fit to the original soil of the realm. Daoloth, gazing at this finest beauty, could not stop thinking.
        “That simple...Aren’t destruction and creation contrary to each other?...I still don’t understand. Perhaps with Azathoth will get me an answer someday.”

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