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        Azazel advanced towards the deep sea. He used Belial’s sphere, which contained dark power to carefully search around and sense the power flow there. He recalled his conversation with Belial before his departure...
        “Azazel, I need you to head to the sea for me. ”
        Belial smiled cunningly, as if he was scheming something, and said, “There is a rumour that the dark power of an ancient demon, which had previously invaded the realm, was remained in the deep sea. I wonder how the world would be if we captured it?”
        Azazel deeply understood Belial’s intention, so he turned and left without saying a single word. As long as he knew Belial wanted the dark power, Azazel would get it for him no matter how.
        At the moment, a strong energy came from the depths of the darkness, bringing Azazel back to the reality. He stopped and reached out to feel the energy… The power coming from in front of him was too formidable to hide. Azazel smiled and advanced to the target, but someone suddenly cast two large water spheres against him! He dodged it swiftly. Immediately after the attack, a majestic voice spoke to him, “Stay away! There is no place for you ahead!”
        Azazel looked at the creature who spoke. That creature had a dragon horn, and a troop of shrimps and crabs stood behind it. It appeared to be the one who governed this place, but Azazel cared no one else but Belial. Azazel turned around and continued to head to the source of the power. As he ventured further, he was surrounded by the shrimps and crabs, and that creature stood in his way, “Don’t force us.”
        “Humph! Are you sure?” Azazel sneered and tossed the Belial’s sphere away. He gathered water elemental power and conjured a water dragon to engulf the swarm of shrimps and crabs. Then, he cast a water cage using the current and trapped the dragonkin.
        “Losers.” Azazel thought he had got rid of them already, but a strong energy appeared out of thin air and blasted him off towards a reef ledge as he tried to turn and continue! Before Azazel could react, the dragonkin had already broken out the cage and summoned a water elemental dragon to bite Azazel’s limbs…
        “That place has nothing but eternal darkness and despair. Stay away,” the dragonkin said seriously.
        “Eternal darkness and despair describe our people instead,” Azazel responded coldly and the grimness in his eyes sent chills down the dragonkin’s spine.
        “What a stubborn fool. Then I have no choice but to kill you,” the dragonkin answered. He condensed more water elements into a gigantic sphere. With a flick of his finger, Azazel was immediately shrouded by the water sphere. Then, the sphere started contracting and crushing him inside. Eventually, it completely shrank and vanished, leaving nothing but bubbles. The dragonkin thought Azazel was dead for sure, but several water tornadoes appeared nearby suddenly. The tornadoes actually stemmed from Belial’s sphere that Azazel tossed away, but its energy was very similar to the dark power of the deep sea!
        “How could it be!?” The dragonkin was astonished.
        “I’m not done yet.”Azazel combined the tornadoes into a massive water tornado. He swung his hand and the dragonkin became trapped by it! The dragonkin finally escaped from the tornado after a bitter struggle, but he had already lost the trail of Azazel, who had disappeared with the dark power sphere while the dragonkin was trapped.
        “The world will be in great trouble.” The dragonkin looked worried as he stared. The thing he had been fearful of would soon happen...