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        Born from the destruction of Azathoth, Daoloth gradually developed a mature consciousness by the lapse of time. It became aware of itself; so it started to create. In the beginning, Daoloth was not good at creation. Most were withered right away, but giving up was never an option to Daoloth, who kept trying and trying relentlessly.

        This time, Daoloth created a new planet again. It cut off a part of its body as the foundation. With a breath, the planet grew slowly into a triangular pyramid, suspending in the universe.

        “Power is just right, and the planet is stable. It shall give birth to lives...lives that resemble me. By more life creation, I should be able to know more about myself.”

        Daoloth rarely expressed its sentiments. So eager to create, it began to act in haste. Long years of living in solitude in the vast universe had driven Daoloth to be impatient. As a result, its rash action had accidentally crushed the planet to dust, drifting in space.

        Countless dissipation of planets that happened in the eyes had left Daoloth nothing but sadness. Heaving a deep breath, it turned around the colossal body and left the stardust remains. Yet even Daoloth could not have imagined a mere breath would hold the life-creating power.

        The power lingering in the space resonated with Daoloth’s longing for companions, connecting every tiny bit of the shattered planet into an oval. Matters in this globe developed fast with signs of pulse. Then, soft tail, multiple limbs and a gigantic mouth were grown.

        Apart from the mature body, consciousness also began to emerge. A new lifeform was about to be born. This creature opened its humongous mouth——

        It was Arwassa, the joyous creator.

        Arwassa searched for Daoloth by nature in the universe and became its first follower, embarking on the long journey of creation together. Enthusiastic about the universe, Arwassa was sentimentally sensible, especially laughing. It always attached passion to the creation.

        Even with more and more followers, Arwassa was special to Daoloth, the most loyal and reliable partner.

        The intimacy between them, and the sentimental trait of Arwassa made it the first to notice a change in Daoloth. Ever since the encounter with Azathoth, flaws had started appearing in Daoloth’s power as if a crack on glass. Luckily, with Ithaqua’s help, Daoloth was able to retain a peaceful mind in creation.

        However, when Daoloth drove one of its followers Yibb Tstll out, an ominous feeling was rippling in Arwassa’s heart. Such presage once faded away as more and more followers joined in, but it turned out to be revealed unexpectedly.

        Daoloth had created a flat land in the universe——It was also the primitive form of the realm. Unfortunately, the land appeared to be collapsing; and the anxious Arwassa hovered over there to observe, until it saw the shattered soil at the edge floating back to the summit in the center. Then, Arwassa realized.

        “These shatters are attracted and affected by some sort of invisible force. To balance this force, the shape of the planet is crucial. Right! Sphere, sphere is the perfect form! Hahaha, this time we can surely create the better land of life.”

        Overjoyed, Arwassa came to Daoloth. Soaking into the pleasant mood, it was totally unaware that the power flowing around Daoloth was changing.

        As it descended ahead of Daoloth, Arwassa was soon startled by a barren scene——The woods once flourished were left withered; the ground was turned up; rivers were contaminated, like it was utterly destroyed.

        “What happened? Daoloth!”

        “Wheeze...creation is draining me...I feel empty inside...No...Don’t make me!” Daoloth, with raging red eyes, had completely fallen into chaos. Beclouded with berserk anger, it could not recognize Arwassa at the moment; even if it could, Daoloth was too insane to keep its hands off Arwassa.

        Daoloth began to devour Arwassa. But due to its humongous size, Daoloth was unable to consume it whole; and the upper half of Arwassa was trembling.

        “Arwassa, destroy me before I consume you!” Daoloth pleaded in sorrow while it was engulfing Arwassa, who did not resist but simply put on a joyous smile as usual. Arwassa touched Daoloth gently with the tentacle left.

        “Worry not. My poor Daoloth, you’ve been creating all this time, even to devote your own soul. We all missed one thing that you’re yearning for care also. And I’ll be much satisfied if this can fill in your emptiness.”

        Arwassa let Daoloth swallow it up. Despite its unwillingness, Daoloth could not hold the impulse within, consuming its most loyal follower like a starving beast. Soon, Arwassa was completely eaten.

        “Arwassa...Arwassa…” As hunger was fed, Daoloth became calm; yet consciousness was occupied with boundless grief. All it could do was calling out its lost follower’s name in this wasteland...