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        After consuming by element, Tyr’s soul had been surviving in the embrace of time. Despite the vision created to soothe Tyr’s wavering will, the raging heat within his soul had never eased. There were no options left for element but extracting a moment of his memory, comforting his weary soul by recreating the past…

        The single-armed Tyr was approaching Tower of Black Stones with his flaming axe. Intimidated by his godly power, the guarding witches and elves all curled up at the corner shivering. None of them had the courage to stop the approaching Tyr.

        The gate of the tower opened. A man Loki stood inside, leaning against the wall.

        “Tyr, my good brother, are you here to see my daughter?” Loki asked with an ironic smile.

        “...I mourn for her everyday, wishing her to rest in peace. She was like my own daughter, and my heart aches after losing her,” Tyr said.

        “She liked to stick with you. I’m kinda jealous of that.”

        “You know why I’m here,” Tyr said as he aimed his axe at Loki, and he continued, “tell me. Where is that monstrous Taotie?”

        Loki was imprisoned in the Dark Cove for the sin of creating the giant wolf and the serpent, which had caused chaos in the realm of humans. The gods were expecting to hear his remorse, yet Loki, who lost his beloved daughter, had shown no guilt for his sin. Ignoring the advice from the gods, he torn a hint of greed from within to create Taotie as his company.

        The existence of Taotie was exposed. Loki refused when the gods demanded him to kill the creature immediately. And now Tyr was on command to capture Taotie.

        “Don’t be stubborn! Face the reality! Following through this path would only mean the hatred of the Gods,” Tyr tried to talk Loki out, but all he got was a shrug and a sarcasm. “Have I ever been liked by them before?” Loki responded.

        “Loki——” Tyr suppressed his anger and continued, “the only thing that Taotie would bring is chaos, and we must eliminate this threat once and for all. This is my judgement as the magistrate.”

        “HAHAHA!” Loki laughed out loud with his palm pressing against his forehead. “The gods were just afraid, afraid that their power and status would be threatened,” he said.

        “Nonsense! This is for the greater good of the North. My judgement is ruthless but fair!”

        “Your fairness is just a joke. Laws and rules are just tools of manipulators, and you’re an idiot who were fooled by them!”

        “I can’t imagine how rotten you are now…” Tyr shook his head, turning into an indifferent expression.

        Conjuring the power, he wrapped his axe with the fire element. A blazing fire was raging on the axe, just like his battle spirit.

        “Loki, this is my last warning. Back off.”

        “You imprisoned me in this cage of Dark Cove, and now you wanna destroy it? Do you think I’ll give you a warm welcome like a puppy?” The smile on Loki’s face was gone. He summoned the dark element on his hands, turning them into two daggers.

        A dagger was thrown at Tyr, and he warded it with his axe; Yet Loki grabbed this moment to approach Tyr, stabbing him at his chin. Squinting the eyes, Tyr breathed fire at Loki to melt his dagger.

        Tyr hacked towards Loki in very close proximity. Stunned by Tyr’s move, Loki turned aside to go against the incoming attack by raising his leg.

        Boom! Loki was blasted far away. Tyr’s immense strength had smash the land into a dent.

        “Cough——!” Loki was coughing up blood. He managed to get up with a smile. “You dodged my killing strike. No wonder you’re the general of Aesir,” he said.

        “You…” Tyr pressed on his left shoulder where there was a bleeding wound in palm-size. Before taking the hit, Loki compressed the dark element into a bullet to shoot at Tyr’s forehead.

        The alerted Tyr had turned away to dodge, but still the bullet had penetrated through his left shoulder.

        “You’re powerful as always...How come we ended up like this...You used to guide us forward, but now you’ve become our enemy...Tell me, Loki!”

        “Isn’t this happened because of all of you? You should’ve expected this the moment when you killed Fenrir. This is what your fair judgement led to.”

        Tyr’s indifference turned into guilty, and he said, “ I didn’t kill Fenrir for justice. It was just out of selfishness.”

        “So it was for Odin——”

        “No,it was for Hel. She asked me to save you, Loki.”

        “N-no! You’re lying!” Loki stood up but he stumbled for his injury. At this moment, his servant Sabbatic Goat showed up to hold him steady.

        “You know it better than me, Loki. Hel’s kindness. She never wanted to be your burden.”

        Tyr continued his words before Loki could avoid it, “There’s none who solely suffers, and future will never disappoint us. This is what you taught Hel——”

        “Enough! Stop talking about her——” Loki covered his face in a state of exhaustion, and returned to the tower with the help of Sabbatic Goat. “Search whatever you want. I’m sick of everything,” he said.

        “Thank you, Loki,” Tyr thanked him sincerely. He thought Loki was repenting finally, but he couldn’t see the cunning grin underneath Loki’s palm——During their battle, Sabbatic Goat had already sent Taotie to the realm of humans.

        Eventually, Tyr had searched through Dark Cove but Taotie was nowhere to be found; All he could do was returning to the realm...